PETE should he learn anatomy poll?

I would like to get a variety of opinions on this. Could learning about anatomy provide practical information to help the training of a 17 (well in a couple days) year old self-coaching track athlete with less than a year of “smart” training experience?

this is a question pete asked…and here is the poll that he wanted to run.

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  1. “a anatomy book”
    should be “an anatomy book”

  2. pete should be pete’s

its very easy to say just run and train but the truth is that he should focus on proper biomechanics now while hes young and can learn the movments alot will pay back in years to come if he gets it write now.that is if he needs work on mechanics.its kinda hard to teach an old dog new tricks.

switch on the WC’s and watch the guys’ll get to know the basic requirements for running fast plus there are numerous threads here on biomechanics/routines etc

I just asked dr.suess for a protocol check it out. He seemed a tad angry. As ben would say. Who coaches you ben. Answer: Self.
Even with a video camera which is annoying and disrupts practice. how can we watch ourselves run if ourselves are our coach also. Can the coach (ourselves)…critque forming if the form is ourselves and his critiquing is done while in a full sprint (ourselves) is running and the person he is critiquing is (ourselves).


Video, as Realdeal pointed out.

Better have a good camera.

Ok I can see using a camera. Question which angle would you set it up in. How would you see the full-sprint. Does it turn and follow the sprinter by itself. If you have someone taping you then that is great. If not, it will be more of an annoyance at practive. Starting/stoping or just plain setting the darn thing up.

I meant with someone taping so that they can follow.

I have plenty of eyes watching me. There are a lot of older people at the track that I am at that give me bits and pieces of advice all the time. I also have other athletes my age complimenting me as well. Plus my old coaches made it clear to me before the form I have is near perfect (the only thing they know about).

I don’t video tape myself or anything. I know what I am doing for the most part and people do correct me if I need it. But, video taping from the side AND front is effective to cover all aspects of technique. I have everything it takes to be an effective athlete while training on my own, so I don’t trip. I look at it in a more positive light in that I am getting proper training, rather than looking at it as I don’t have someone to critique me. I make more strides on my own than I did with my other coaches, so I’m cool. A coach would probably be better, but I bet you’ll still see my name at Youth Nationals next year…Watch.

I guess I am a little biased knowing more than others, so my vote probably doesn’t count. But, at least you know my position.

Thanks. Glad to know at least 1 person isn’t sick of my nagging like an old lady for answers.

Ok I follow. If someone is willing to tape you then there is no question of whether or not you should do it. Do you know how to post video on


Wish I could tell you. Talk to Rupert about it.

Um well mabye not then. The question I have is did you all vote yet?

Just did it.

For the sake of the poll lets say anatomy equals biomechanics also from now on.

Ok pete Im going to put a follow up point on here.

I thought at first by talking about anatomy you were strickly focusing on the anatomy of the human body. I can see now anatomy, you might have been referring to biomechanics. Here is my take on it. If you have someone taping you. Access to this camera regularly (or own it) a vcr (especially one with slow-motion). I think its a good idea. However dont sit there analyzing the stuff all day when you should be doing recovery or homework. Learn the basic biomechanics of sprinting. Take off phase, flight phase, and landing phase. In slow motion. Go through each phase to see if you have acheived the proper angles and especially that you are getting full-extension. Make sure your block techniques are ok. And that you are running relaxed. Ect. Theres a program that actually organizes the software for you on computer and gives the angles automatically. It can be ordered at mf athletic. Get in the whirlpool. Make sure you ask questions. It wont take long to catch on.