Persistent calf problem..please help

Hey guys, so basically I’ve had this calf injury that has reoccured 5/6 times in the past 6 months…I’ve obviously missed a significant amount of training and competition with it at this stage.

The injury is located underneath the on the outer calf, possibly at the achilles-soleus junction…I’ve attached a clip art diagram of the location if it helps. The injury usually occurs when running at 40-70% speed. I have no problem doing SL calf raises or jumping, even a few days later.

I’ve had extensive physio, rehab etc at this stage…but it feels like I’m going round in circles with it now…has anyone else had any experience with this injury . I’m wondering is it related to my biomechanics…I used to wear orthotics but after several calf injuries I stopped using them, however the injury persists.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Calf injury.jpg

massage, massage, massage and massage…(pref by therapist a deep tissue whole calf!, and if that is not piossible an hour a day self massage and strectching)
lower workout volume, train on grass as much as possible. only do speed runs on track.

keeps me running with a chronic calf problem.

For one stay away from 40%-70% speed runs. Force at these lower intensities is absorbed peripherically,this way at least indirectly you’ll start working on the origin of the problem,not the symptom.

Also you may want to have alook at the discussion here :

And start taping that ankle over the tib/fib ligament.Regular non elastic tape,tighter on the front,looser on the back. This will make sure proper feedback from the foot is being sent to the brain. We have found this (along with inappripriate feedback coming from all other receptors) is a most common co-factor in re-occurring injuries,from the ankle up to the shoulder.

If you’re doing slower stuff - you need good shoes, and depending on the shoe and your bodyweight, they only last between 300-1000km. So they could be useless after only 3x months.

From about 2 x months ago, i’m now a big big fan of Compression clothes. You can get one’s just for your lower legs, or wear full leg length pants. I really haven’t looked too much into HOW they work, other than they DO work. Naturally, they don’t fix Everything - but enough to be worth while.

I’m not really providing a fix so much but I agree with what has already been recommended.

If tempo speeds and tempo work(?) give the biggest problem do most or all recovery work in pool for awhile. I would think that such speeds you are talking about 40-70% would be utilized in tempo runs, warm-up jog, cooldowns, possibly at very beginning of a the build-ups on a speed day.

Sounds good…will bear that in mind when I get back to full fitness. In terms of my rehab, my physio has recommended a few sessions of low tempo runs and to gradually build pace to 60/70%…do you think this would be a bad idea…presumably I shouldn’t be going straight back into 80/90% speed runs after my initial rehab period of bike, pool work and strengthening?