"Performance Coach" Tom Shaw

What does everyone think about this guy? My best friends brother went to his combine camp and said it was lame. What is the scoop on this guy is he the man? I want the truth. If he trains deion he must be the best in the country.


Tom shaw is also a staff member of the Patriots and has helped guide them to two superbowl championships.

so what are your real thoughts?


Tim Shaw is a nice guy… :o

I have one of his videos from when I was in high school and he was at Florida State (Never Look Back: Because You Won’t Have To). Pretty basic stuff. They refer to PNF in the video as “partner stretching” where the partner pushes you to increase ROM. I think PNF is a little more complicated than that, but maybe not!! :smiley: :smiley:

I think you can still purchase the video from his offices in Louisiana.