What are the pros and cons of pepper? Not talking red or green peppers, just the stuff you would have at home or find at restaurants.

Unless you have an allergy to it. Plain old table pepper is relatively calorie free. Seems that most spices have some thermic effect. That would be your more hot branded peppers such as haberneros.

Like any fruit, vegetable, or grain, their value to the human body is highest when they are eaten closest to the state they are found in nature. Meaning, in their raw [uncooked] state. If they are cooked, like most foods, some value is lost. Cooked, dried, and powderized [black pepper, cayenne pepper for sprinkling], they lose even more value and become more acidic [that’s bad-alkaline foods will keep you performing at a higher level of athletics]. Aside from their vegetable-like qualities of having bio-available [read:easily absorbed] vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and phytonutrients the likes of which science is only now beginning to understand, they seem to be very anti-carcinogenic and inhibit plaque from forming on the insides of the human artery. And one of their most interesting qualities? They are very thermogenic, meaning they raise your body temperature slightly over what it would normally be, [which you can feel when you sweat with that hot salsa!] Yes, you are burning slightly more bodyfat with a higher internal temperature, and it’s a lot safer than ephedrine/caffeine combinations! They also seem to have a strong anti-histamine [fighting allergies] effect in many people. The stigma of ulcers relating to pepper intake is only true if your pepper intake is highly processed and therefore acidic all of the time.

Not a good idea if your female and pregnant.

makes ur food taste better :smiley: