pelvis retroversion

maybe you’ve already talk about this topic, but i need some practical help.

when i’m below the parallel line, in the squat, my pelvis rotate. i have a average/good flexibility. i do AIS PNF and static stretch (at least once a week), i do some auto-massage with hard and soft foam roller and with the tennis ball…

the last time i’ve squatted, i’ve really hurted my lower back. it wasn’t a maximal set. and i didn’t felt nothing different during the execution.

apart the injury can someone help me with that?

You probably need ART/Trigger Points in the glutes & Hamstrings.

After that then do AIS/PNF to gain flexibility (AT LEAST 3 times a week) with static/MicroStretching in between session. Like PNF M-W-F and soft methods the other days.

NEVER go to the point where you loose the lordosis in the squat (I think you have learned this the HARD way already). Regardless of any one would say like “real men do full squat” etc.
Real men don’t injure themselves by doing stupid things.

Hope It helped.

P.S-If you are already in anterior pelvic tilt there might be some risk to work extensively only on glutes/hamstrings so don’t forget to think that If It’s the case then work also on Illiopsoas/rectus femoris/Latissimus dorsi/Gluteus Minimus/TFL

thanks for the reply.

i’ve recently been seen by jamirok, so when he’ll be free i hope he’ll post his point of view.

i’m hyperlordotic, but i never do some isolation work for the glutes, but a lot on the hams like knee flexors…

what do you mean for PNF M-W-F?


jamirok seems to know his stuff, you’re in good hands