Payment for Canadian Coaches

Here is a subject that many Canadians need help with.

How do we get paid for what we do? I am a University sprint coach been doing it for about 5 years, participated in NCAA as an athlete for 4 years and currently working on my level 3 sprints and hurdles (Which by the way is a joke and another thread on its own)
What do people recommend to receive some quality money?
When I was a club coach, they paid me an honorarium that was $2,000 for the year and the University paid me $2,500. The hours I put in are about equal to my paying job during the day. When you include expenses from travel, I end up breaking even or spending money to coach

Why is Canada like this and what has to happen to change it (besides moving to another country.

Well don’t move to the USA because I get paid a little less than that :eek:! …coaching 4 years, was NCAA athlete 4 years, level 2 sprints & jumps…

so let me understand this if you work for a school as a coach you cannot charge the individual athletes a monthly fee :confused:

Shift to Australia, if you charge you get frowned on.

I charge from $10 per session to $440 a month after 20 years doing it for nothing.

Unfortunitly a lot of athletes think that they only need TRAINING not COACHING. So set them a workout and let them run it. Hence payment isn’t worth it. In the UK tennis lessons are at least $50 an hour. How many tennis lessons do you need to get any good? Even with swimming I was paying a couple of hundred a year. People just need to see the value in your work. Problem is that as a coach often the really great athletes are from poor families, thats why charlie ended up paying his athletes to train (in food and accomodation!)

Maybe Charlie should have got Govt funding and paid his athletes to represent him, I believe the rate is a bit better than $10,000 per athlete going out and millions coming in

Read Speed Trap to see why this funding business is a little tricky :eek: :eek: :smiley: . Note that CF managed to russle up millions for his club from sponsorship off his own back with no help from the CTFA.

I would have to say it is easier to fund world-class athletes than entry college level.
Back when Charlie was fund raising, there were not limits on advertising – hence the Mazda track club suits etc.

what limits are there now compared to then?

Restrictions at Nationals are that no advertisements can be big enough to be recognized. My last year competing I had to have duct tape down the side of my tights because they were ADIDAS.

A local company also sponsored us and the T-shirts that they provided we also had to cover up, so today companies are really getting nothing in return for their money if they can not show themselves ( in a marketing way)

Athletes in our squad are charged $30 per month.

The following sums things up here.

In the U.S. if a coach pulled up in a flash car and charged a decent amount of money people would think, wow he must be good here they would go what a wanker who does he think he is?