Payback time...

It is lonely at the top…

Whos at the top. I think it is up for grabs.

Only because Greene has slipped though. No one has thrown him down.

With you man, greene did not defend his title! and yes there is a new world champion Kim Collins.

But Greene title was not ripped from him, i don’t think Greene scared of Kim Collins, (Collins is a great sprinter but i think Greene could still Win in Athens!

This up and comiong season is going to be good, i am very sad about Dwain ChMABERS AND I DON’T AGREE with his case.

i dont agree with him or is coach playing the ‘we have no idea how it happened’ game. they should both 'fess up, then help in investigations into any other d54gs they may know about, like a vertain other coach did about 15 years ago.

guess their not brave enough to deal with the consequences of doing such a thing tho

who’s the dude with tongue?

Eric Nkansah, Ghana.

Living and training in Germany I believe.

Thor, do you know who’s coaching Nkansah? He’s running very well these days and he’s no longer a young guy!

This is what I have been able to find out through the internet:

From 96 onwards I believe he has been trained, or at least been looked after, by one Walter Abmayr. Abmayr seems to be the man behind a lot of kenyan runners living in Germany too.

I believe that is the same Walter Abmayr who is listed as a “Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiter” on the homepage of the university of Heidelberg.

And here: