Pauly Fuemana dies

New Zealand musician Pauly Fuemana has died, according to reports.

Fuemana, who shot to fame with his song How Bizarre in 1995 died just after 7am this morning at North Shore hospital, TVNZ reported.

He was 40.

The singer’s death came after a short illness, the broadcaster said.

His family was expected to issue a statement later today.

In 1995 OMC (Otara Millionaires Club) achieved fame with How Bizarre, which reached number one in New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and parts of Europe.

OMC sold between three and four million copies of their album, also titled How Bizarre, making it New Zealand’s biggest-selling record.

The band broke up in 2000. They reformed in 2007 and released a single 4 All of Us, featuring actor Lucy Lawless.


I remember that song… Sad they don’t make songs that clean anymore… Regardless, it seems like more and more people are dying at such a young age… I wonder what kind of sickness he had? But I will say this, the life of a musician is hard on the body and it’s easy to fall into the “fast life”. Also, you’re up late at night working in smoke filled clubs, and you’re on the road a lot most likely eating poor quality food.