pat v Tim in Osaka

So who will win this week?

Can PJ replicate his form and beat the world’s best or will Tim prevail.

Would anyone have bet Tim is facing defeat from two realtively unknown sprinters in two weeks?

Predictions gentlemen :cool:

I hope I am wrong being an Aussie, but I will put my money on Montgomery. I have a feeling that the conditons were too perfect given that the second guy also ran extremely fast.

Again, I hope I am wrong and Johnson beats him. If he doesn’t now he probably won’t later in the season given that Johnson has been up for a while and Montgomery is only starting to compete.

whatever happens, cant wait to hear the results!

the king with something to prove, vs the underdog aussie

anyone notice the romantacising of johnson’s life story in the papers? its gone from 'growing up on a trawler in the whitsundays" to “battling fierce storms at sea singlehandedly, his fathers life in his hands.” no offence to him, but lets not let a good story get in the way of a potential blockbuster hehe

I like your avatar:devil: DWatling
Also I’m rooting for Pat got admire the dude who got into the sport at a late age and still made it big.

I don’t know, T-Mont hasn’t looked very impressive during his last 2 meets. It’ll be interesting to see the results.

When hasn’t anything the Telegraph has written been a wank. Unfortunately they believe people won’t follow a sportsman unless they’re made out to be a hero or an “aussie battler made good”. Anything written in the front part of the paper should be avoided!!

Re pat v tim:
Tim will probably win, by at least a tenth IMO. When is the race, by the way??

If Tims not fired up and Patrick stays relaxed - he, Patrick will win, otherwise I would back Tim.

Good to see us Aussies have somebody to cheer though

"As for Bernard Williams bringing off an upset, the reason he was not in Mexico City last Sunday was because he hasn’t trained for starts yet this year.

By the look of his start mechanics in Mexico City, Montgomery hasn’t either because it appeared that his front foot was ahead of his hip in the set position, meaning he would not be able to exert anywhere near maximum power when the gun fired."

Quote from an Aussie newspaper regarding Tim’s starts in Mexico? Any thoughts???

Also Tim Montgomery will also be running a leg on a All Stars 4x100m relay in Osaka as Pat Johnson is running in the Australian Team to prepare for running heats and finals on the same day. Smart move in my opinon for both athletes.

Mike Hurst interviewed Tim M… and said this

Q: What do you think of Patrick Johnson who has just run 9.93sec?

A: I just congratulated him on the track [in Osaka]. I just went up to him and said: "Welcome to the sub-10s. Hopefully you get to the sub-7s [9.7sec], but I hope not too soon. This [Osaka grand prix] is a great challenge to me. I can see where I’m at against someone who is running great early. I lost a nine-eighty [9.80sec] race in Mexico and I can feel it and I’m overjoyed with that, you know what I’m saying? You can hear it in my conversation. I left Trevor Graham [his coach since 2000] to get better. And with the public not letting me progress with the person [Charlie Francis] that I knew could help me, then for what I’ve got going on now I’m pleased. What could I do if he was around!

Good to see he still supports you…,8659,6406261-23218,00.html

PJ will win.the only thing that can hold him back is himself.hes got to be confident and believe that he can be numero uno! Go PJ

Patrick has really made a name for himself and he should be proud but I believe that Tim will be victorious. When running against sprinters who can really push him, he runs with a tenacity that is unmatched.