Pat Tillman's death is a sad, sad day for Americans...

True American Hero. Totally selfless and lived his life with honor. God Bless His Family and Loved Ones. You don’t have to believe in the fight to believe in this man’s bravery and courage.

God bless him and his family. God bless our men and women fighting so bravely in Afghanistan and Iraq. Mr. Tillman sounded like a rare breed of man who self sacrificed.

Mr. Tillman made a great sacrifice, but lets not forget the other soldiers, less well known, that are making tremendous sacrifices as well. We don’t hear about them because they don’t have the status of an NFL player, however, there are far more of the unknowns that are dying everyday. Bless everyone caught up in this fight.

exactly, he is no more special than any other man who dies defending his country. All soldiers and veterans should be respected for their (and their families) sacrifice

Agreed. My sadness was brought on by feeling more of a connection with the story. I have family in the military but so far have been fortunate enough to not lose anyone to the war.