Parisi warm-up video

Awesome! No magic secrets here…just a great warm-up emphasizing conditioning, injury prevention, and flexibility. Bill Parisi and Martin Rooney take you through each exercise, and then you get to see a group of college football players perform the warm-up.

I found the video to be very helpful personally because I had no prior idea how to construct a thorough dynamic warm-up. Others might find it helpful solely from the standpoint of variety (there are a large number of exercises). I’ve also viewed the Parisi agility and deceleration videos…if their is a request for a review of these I’d be glad to do it.

How do you get this video?

I’d like to hear your opinion of the other two videos if you don’t mind.


Yes if anyone get this please let us know if its any good. I wanted to check it out but my gut instincs tell me its going to be a bunch of Seagrave type drills.

I don’t know about the video, but the book is not bad. I’m not sure if it’s the same warm-up, but it’s just a series of bodyweight drills and some activation stuff. I wouldn’t pay $50 or whatever for it.

I’m with ya. Parisi’s products are kind’ve expensive when you consider the subject matter. I think for $50 bucks you can have a half-hour conversation with Rooney himself or you could just discuss things on anyway. I’m releasing a new video that I’m selling for $150 bucks that is me doing all of charlie’s drills and it’s called, “Physical Preparation Training by a Cleptomaniac”. It contains stolen material and commentary!!

And here’s my first plyometric video:

I used to be all into the dynamic warm up. But I never felt that I got my legs “nice and hot” and ready for sprints. I went back to a typical warm up or what Charlie calls “warm up I and II” after years of dynamic warm up. I find that warm ups I and II work better.

If anyone has ideas on mixing the two types of warm ups but still keeping it simple please post some ideas.


I’ve made similar changes. I still use some dynamic warm-up elements but I start my athletes much slower than I used to. It was impossible before for my athletes to repeat the movements I would demonstrate because they weren’t warmed up so now I have taken a lot of Charlie and Clemson’s advice and things go much more smoothly.

Could someone explain the difference between the two? I think i am picturing something different when i think of a dynamic warmup.

Good idea… especially when people are sore.

There are a million different combos and routines. Plain and simple, they are a bunch of exersices and drills mixed with accelerations. I find them to be too complicated and they dont get my legs hot like a warm up I and II.

For races I do WU I and II plus some starts. I like to pick a spot close to the starter that will be starting my race and get a few practice starts.

Where can I read more about warm up 1 and 2? are they in CFTS or speedtrap? I have them but dont recall…

In the GPP Essentials DVD

okay, ill probably get it for myself for christmas or something :slight_smile: