Parametric training

I was wondering if anyone knows anything about Parametric Training by Dr. Sergei Gordon of Moscow Institute of Physical Culture.

I visited a the web site

Could this be applied to team sports training such as basketball,football hockey etc;

The description is very vague. You have to pay to get any more info than what they have given on their site. Why not hang around here and get better information for FREE!!! (with actual names and faces that you can attach to the claims).

First of all the training demands for Football, basketball, and hockey are very different from those needed for swimming and rowing in particular (see endorsements, though I don’t know this system and whether it can adapt by sport)

Dr. Sergei Gordon has published-or at least co-authored - some articles which were available on the net regarding mainly swimming. And “Parametric training” was defined the training of Olympic swimmers Jenny Thompson and Dara Torres at Stanford University.

A link to an article :