paperback- training for speed

i can recall on the forums someone mentioning a place to find a paperback version of training for speed,
does anyone know where to find one?

Steve bennett sells them.

Hi there…

So you know, we also sell them. They aren’t in the online store because we produce them as the orders come in. Right now you can get both CFTS and the 2002 Forum Review for $80us (includes shipping).

Click here to buy both the softcover copies of 2002 Forum Review and CFTS:

Viva E-Publishing!



the recently added for sale Forum review ebook comes in Soft cover?? I thought it was only in ebook format?

All ebooks are available in softcover on request (and if we get enough orders).


cool thnx, what are the $$ differences among ebook and softcover?

Ebooks are always cheaper, don’t mac’s have calculators? (joke).


oooooo that was below the belt, 2 points off reff!! :smiley: :smiley: