Palmtag's Kick

The great procrastinator is posting his final High School running journal. I will finish my high school career with a great kick.
CCS Champ
State Finals
League Champ
Good goals.

Week-1 Monday
Workout: 6 miles easy, 6x1:00 core (bridges), 6x0:30 arms(Pushups), 6x 0:45 abs(eccentric crunches)

Good run today. My lungs felt GREAT. ACtually, pretty much everything but my legs felt great. My legs were a bit sore, but I just kept running until I was done with the easy 6. I joined the “Core Club” as it’s been dubbed late, so I did the workout they did backwards (I was spoused to do the abs first, then arms, then core.) BUt i did the whole workout. I’m gonna start weights in a week or so.

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My training program this winter is going to include a lot of easy milage, but with an increasing amount of track/harder work (+1 workout per week ever three week cycle, so that at week 12 I am doing 2-3 workouts a week that will be taxing) As of this week and the next three weeks, I will do very little besides easy runs. Light sprints on monday and wednesday, in correspondance with my GPP weights.

What will happen after high school.

Palmy, I like it. Pure 800m goals for the season. Don’t let that pesky mile or 400 distract you in your last HS season.

What sort of add-on workouts are you thinking about? Tempo runs, VO2-type intervals, hillsprints? You’re so much more learned on training and committment than most high-school runners. Looking forward to this journal, and best of luck on the 1:52.

College: Davis, Berkley, anywhere I can run. That’s what next on the menu.

At first I will be adding hills, then some longer tempo runs (20-40 min hard runs), and my final addition will be extensive tempo. But most importantly, I’m starting Kenyan style pre-run sprints in a week or two. They should do a bit of good, and will be more fun than after-run strides when everything aches. In general I’m following a long-short lydiardian progression. I’m going to be doing a lot of 2-mile races in the early season, and then a number of 400’s coming up to 4-6 weeks before main competition.

Week-1 Tuesday
Workout: 6 miles easy, on road.

Well, I was thinking about doing some core work. It really didn’t seem too appealing considering how much I am aching from yesterday, and that I"m going to start aching again today. I’ll do 30-50 situps after I post this, I swear… really, no don’t walk away! I’m going to do them!

Anyway, the workout itself was a bit rough. Stupid f-ing cars. I’m glad I know how to run on the road (facing traffic so I can see the cars i have to dodge). As usuall for hard surface runs, my left hip/knee gave me a little trouble (stupid imbalance). I finished the run with a bit of an uphill sprint, I felt a bit excited.
I will be fine in the fields tommorrow.

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I figure with your new journal I should grace it with my presence to officially wish you good luck this year:)

I know you can reach that 1:52, just work your ass off and be smart. Again, the best of luck to you, and make sure to keep this baby updated…

Week-1 Wednesday
Workout: 7 miles easy (fields) 6x0:30 abs, 6x:30 sec pushups, 6x1:00 bridges, stretches.

I ran with Albert today. I had a hard time just keeping the pace easy. Our strides kept matching (we’re the same height so it’s not a big deal) and then we kept picking up the pace without even noticing it! I felt good, but he isn’t in quite the same shape as me so he noticed it a lot. We went to the shack out in the fields, an easy 7 mile run. The core workout was pretty fun, a lot easier than last time, but still a PITA! Ouch! I’m going to be sore tommorrow.

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Hey Palmtag,

What do you see, right now, as the main thing you need to improve in order to PR in the 800 this next season. Is it pure speed, race strategy, etc.? You have your endurance base, right? Let us know how it goes…

"…don’t call my name out your window when I’m a leavin’, I won’t even turn my head. Don’t send your kinfolk to give me no talkin’, I’ll be gone like I said…

Bridging the gap between my respectable speed endurance (23.3h 51.10) and my decent endurance (16:52, 10:29, 4:44) Will be VERY important, however IF (big if) IF i do not increase my speed and strength (Near 50.0) the connection won’t result in a 1:52. As is, I feel with developing my speed a bit then I will run 1:53-55. But I also have a lot of faith that the aerobic endurance I’m gaining is going to contribute to my ability to anearobic 800style workouts at a level i’ve never been to before.

Week-1 Thursday
Workout: I had to do the agenda today, so I was really pressed for time. Not that much of an excuse, but I am Master Councillor. Shucks. I have to run 6 in the morning tommorrow, too! Danm danm danm…

Did some pushups and situps, though. Just to keep blood flowing

This means I have to run on sunday :frowning:

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Week-1 Friday
Workout: 6 miles hard (on road) 6x:30 pushups, 6x:30 abs, 6x1:00 bridges, 6x:30 abs, 6x:30 pushups

Edit: After seeing Narnia (Which is a pretty good movie) I did my ab workout @ 11:10pm :frowning:

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Week-1 Saturday
Workout: 7 miles hilly (easy effort)

I ran up in Bonny Doon today, there’re lots of hiker up here… Probly same reason I’m runnig up thar. I felt good the whole run, the hills made felt a “lil” bit tough, but not any where near as hard as when I began my Cross season.

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Week-1 Sunday
Workout: So much for running on sunday. I slept th rough my alarm.

Madonna Inn, Cal Poly w/my girlfriend :smiley:

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Week-2 Monday
Workout: 10 minute warmup, dynamics, 6x30m sprints (a variety of flies and accels), 6x:30 arms, 6x1:00 bridges, 6x:30 arms, 6x1:00 abs, 3x12 rows, 2x12 squats, 1x12 bench (bench before pushups from now on) 7 miles easy.

I’m going to use an ice bath tonight. OUCH!
I felt very sore during the weightlifting portion today. But during the run I felt better than I have in as long as i can remember.

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Edit: so cold! So cold. walls closing in. Nuts freezing off. Brain shutting down. Help! Light is fading…

So exactly what kind of transition period is this…? XC>indoor, GPP>SPP, high school>college, boy>man?! :wink:

don’t let me run faster than you this year.


Week-2 Tuesday
Workout:7 miles easy effort (hilly)

We went running with a sophomore girl, and she got lost in the back trails! Hah! It sucked for her b/c she was very scared, but she made her way back safely. Even though we had to run around and look for her. The hills were pretty tough, though. My hammies/quads/glutes especially (squats) were sore, but I didn’t have to “work” through any pain.

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Week-2 Wednesday
Workout: 3x12 rows, 3x12 squats, 3x12 bench, 3x12 good mornin (bad flexibility so these were kinda pathetic) 18x:30 Bridges, 6x1:00 Abs, 18x:30 Bridges, 150 pushups, 7 miles easy.

Today was a tough workout day. Took about 2:30 minutes to do all that. I feel pretty good right now, though. My hammies are pretty tight. The run eased them up a bit, but they were sore when I started my squats. I took 25lbs off my circuit weight and went as low ass possible it felt a lot better than what I was doin’ before. Hopefully this soreness in my quads/hammies/hip flexors will fade a bit just like my core stoped acheing. It’s a similar kind of ache, except the pain has a bit more of an edge on it.

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How good are you stretching and warming up the hamstrings? This seems to be a recurring theme. My approach has been to do at least 5 minutes of jogging or rowing or something, and then stretch them with a towel or rope. Basically I just lie on my back with one leg bent and the leg to stretch out straight. I then raise the straight leg as far as possible over my head, and assist with the towel at the end ROM. The good mornings are especially punishing to hamstrings…maybe substitute deadlift?

I’ll warm them up better and try that stretch (which I haven’t tried, btw) Friday is next lift day. I wonder if it’ll work.

Pure speed work and weights, new elements to you, I suppose and an adaptation phase.
Just give your body some time to adjust and if necessary, perform these in an easy fashion…
I would stay out of Good Mornings, as a starting exercise/for now, or at least reduce reps; another -perhaps safer option- could be SLD, the range of motion is easier to control.
Hope it helps!

Here’s a website describing the stretch better. In fact, I use most of the stretches described on this website. They are called Active Isolated Stretches, developed (or at least patented?) by Aaron Mattes.