Palmtag's Journal

38 minutes easy

I ran in the back trails in Bonny Doon. Real hilly.

My feet are fairly sore, but not during the workout and a bit of asprin and a good bit of elevation has helped so far. Didn’t ice but I should’ve. Also, my right hammy is getting tight every run, and my left knee get’s an eensy bit sore too.

Gimpy ? :cool: You betchya :smiley:

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Week-1 Wednesday
Workout: 5 min jog, 4x5/5 (40 minutes of running) 5 min jog

I went with my girlfriend to her old high-school. There are some trails back there, but they’re absolutely riddled with redwood roots, so I found a relatively safe 5min portion and ran back and forth on them for 40 minutes. 5 mins out easy, and then fly back. My times for the returns were 5:00, 4:40, 4:30, 4:00. I went all out the last rep.

I rolled each of my ankles once, lightly, and my right hammy is still a bit sore, but stretching seems to help a small bit.

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Edit: I only plan on training 5 days this week, but I missed monday so I’l lhave to run on saturday.

Palmtag, good to see you’re around and still kicking. I was wondering where you’d been the past few months. Where you heading to college again? And are you running XC and track there or what? Anyways, welcome back.

Good to see you too, M.C.
I’m training right now for the Cross Country team, however, I’m not planning on being competitive (but you never know) I"m going to go UNDER my limit during the cross season, and try to get a full 3-4 months of training and come out of it ready for track. I’m going to Sacramento State.

Week-1 Thursday
Workout: 5 minutes jog, stretches, 5 mins jog, 26 mins hilly/medium.

I workout out again with my girlfriend today. She’s thin, but not lithe. :smiley: She’s gonna be ready for the 10k in a month. Or should I say, she’ll be ready to finish it :stuck_out_tongue: My twin also ran with me a bit too. He’s still in reasonable shape, considering the barrage of injuries.

My lower legs were sore from yesterday before I ran. I woke up and i was throbbing… no… pulsing./… Yah I was gently pulsing in the lower legs.

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