Pain up the right leg.

Recently I’ve been getting some serious pain in my right leg. The pain is concentrated on the achilles insertion at the heel, behind the knee, the upper hamstring tendon (where it meets the glute) and the groin.
Right now its painfull to walk properly as both lifting of the thigh upwards & also extending it backwards hurts. Bending at the waist also causes pain, particularly at the upper ham and heel.
I’ve also noticed that I’ve been getting bad cramps in both feet.
I’m considering trying nike frees to walk around in to see if they make a difference.
Any help is much appreciated.

Maybe sciatica

Yes - sounds more like a neurological issue (i.e. nerve impingement or entrapment) as it is referring from high to low. Get it checked out right away.

Actually I never thought of sciatica. probably the weights I’ve been doing.
Will get it checked out & hopefully resolved ASAP.
Thanks for the heads up.