pain in the upper hamstrings

i have this pain in my upper hamstrings very close to my glute. i took 2 months off and its still hurting every time i get through running.

I was “suffering” from this for 2 weeks already then i sprain my ankle so, 1 month without run…i´m in 3rd week and these pains seems out, but i know exactly what you´re feeling.

what did you do about the pain. it goes away if i dont run, but itll come back immediately.

You probably have an adhesion somewhere in the glute/ham junction which is restricting the proper movement of the tissue. Everytime you run, the adhesion is causing inflammation in the tissue.

Do you have access to ART?

ART??? what is it

Active Release Technique

This site tells a bit about it…

i dont think i have access

Where in west Texas are ya?

In addition to ART, I have one word = Hydrotherapy (if necc.)

Have you tryied the basic anti-inflamatories ?

Hydrotherapy??? How exactly does the water work??? Just a piece of advice. Once you are back into full training, make sure you doing use recovery methods after each session, or at least as many as is practically possible. I make sure I always have an ice bath, and then use a contrast shower technique after each track session.

Hydrotherapy is a great tool to use for rehab and general conditioning. The resistance is multivariate and since it works great as a fitness adjunct, it can be used when the injury prevents one from training on usual surfaces. Do a search, you will find alot of info.

Damn !! I can´t afford this.
1 week of anti-inflamatories + 20 days no running and seems that my upper hamstrings still pain !!
Where exactly is your pain ?
Mine is more outside of the legs, just under the glutes and about 5 to 7 cm long.

ART would be optimal, but if you can’t get that then get someone strong to do some deep tissue work on you. if you can work on some of the scar tissue/adhesions then hydrotherapy and ice will be more effective in doing more to heal, rather than just keeping it from getting worse.

I had adhesions right at the attachment points between my hamstrings and glutes and i kept having chronic hamstring problems until i got the underlying problem worked on.

a tight piriformis was also part of the problem, but it sounds like you have more of an inflammation issue.

so, what do you mean by adhesions? i am new to this injury healing thing.

and that is exactly where mines is, Flying

Damn Man !! I know exactly what your talking about ku2u !!

And yes, i never heard about this before: adhesions

well, then what are adhesions, is that what the pain were feeling?