Pain in the foot

One of my athletes keep complaining of pain in her feet. A stinging sensation is felt all around the ankle. The pain starts at the top of the talus and stretches all the way round the bottom of the fibula. The pain goes in a line close to the fibula. It could be something in the lateral malleolus or the outside of the inferior extensor retinaculum

She only feels the pain directly after running and the pain seem to go away after a few minutes and when se lifts her feet off the ground for a short while.

Any suggestions/comments?

Sounds like a stress reaction. May not be a stress fracture. Best option would be to get x ray of the ankle joint. If this is clear then the problem may be muscular or ligament damage.

What would be the best medical specialist to send the athlete to? Physio, GP, orthopedic guy?

The specialists have their role after they can evaluate tests result. At this stage it wouldn’t make a significant difference as the problem is not diagnosed yet. If you’re not limited by finance I would go to GP for referral X ray then take these results to a sports doctor. Physio is effective once the problem is clearly identified; they are not as skilled in diagnosing problems as sports doctors.

Wow you guys are so good with medical terms, lateral, inferior!!! I just threw away my Kaplan anatomy book. I prefer left, right, up, down. Away from, close too. LOL. Either way:

You start the post by saying the foot but you seem to refer more to the ankle. I have a question:

  1. Is the pain underneath the foot also in the plantar region. What I mean is does the pain run from the ankle along side the plantar.

2.Does the pain from the ankle go down towards the big toe or any part of the toe. (The burning sensation)

3.Is there pain walking up or down steps. Or when the athlete is barefoot.

I had pain on the top of the ankle which would radiate to the upper part of my foot and sometimes to my lower leg; the solution was simple as restring my shoes so that the shoestring is not pinching my nerve on that particular foot. Hope this helps!


Check for pressure pain at sole of foot, tibialis and calf.
Sometimes you have refferred (zone-to-zone) pain from multiple muscle (trigger point).
Probably a light adjustment of ankle is a good solution.
Try to start with massage, stretching and ankle traction for 1 minute.

  1. The pain is not underneath the foot, only the around the ankle bone, on the outside of the feet.

  2. The pain does not go towards the big toe or any part of the toe, it is only around the ankle bone.

  3. There is only pain when running. It is worse when running in spikes but she also feels it when running bare foot on grassm but to a lesser degree.

There is no pain in the sole of the foot or lower leg, only sometimes a little in the achilles, but not often.

Ok I ask because I have had this same thing. It travels along the outside of the foot correct. I have to do some errands when I get back I will explain more. Tough injury to get rid of, it might possible travel further down to the toes if you dont start taking care of it. Your first move im not sure, what kind of money do you have?

I actually wanted to call the thread “A pain in the ass” but at the last second decided to go with foot.:slight_smile: