Pain in the butt

I’ve had a niggling injury the past few weeks right at the top of my hamstring that flares during sped work then settles down only to reappear next speed session. I hurt it more last night and now the soreness hs spread down my hamstring, it is constant but not that bad.

I was going to do speed work tomorrow but obviously wont now and was thinking of doing some very light tempo then a full body weights session… a wise move, or rest?
FYI ART is not an option.

I gave up waiting for a reply so PMd someone who is clever. FYI there reply was

Most likely it will only flare up when you hit a certain speed of contraction so weights and tempo will probably be ok. In addition stretch your external hip rotators. You can find some stretches at Also take your thumb and dig it into and around your gluteus minimus while you simultaneously move your knee/leg towards the midline of your body and slightly up… Go on a cadence of about 3 seconds per rep…dig in move, the leg in, then back to the starting position and repeat for maybe 10-15 reps. To make it simple from where you’re sitting right now take your right knee and move it towards your left shoulder while you take your right thumb and dig it hard into your gluteus minimus. Use your left hand to help “pull” your knee across if you want. Do the same thing on boht sides and try different positions. I would be money you got something in the hip/glute region causing this. If not there then the hip flexors.