Oz coaching coordinator job

Position Information

Position Title National Coaching Coordinator
Employer Athletics Australia

Work Type Full Time
Salary $75,000 to $85,000 pa

Dependant upon experience and qualifications
Salary Currency Australian Dollar
Location Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Information The National Coaching Coordinator manages the development, coordination and the implementation of the Athletics Coach Accreditation Framework.

The National Coaching Coordinator is responsible for the Athletics Australia elite coach development programs and the continued identification, development and retention of coaches at the high performance level.

The National Coaching Coordinator will maintain and enhance positive links with Coaches, the Australian Sports Commission, Australian Track and Field Coaches Association, Athletics Australia Member Associations and Australian Little Athletics Association, to coordinate the implementation of the Athletics Coach Accreditation Framework.

Qualifications / skills:
Relevant qualifications and / or 5 years experience in a sporting organisation are required to undertake this position.

Ability to communicate both verbally and in writing to stakeholders on Sport Development policy and procedures.

Knowledge of, or the ability to understand sport and its structure would be an advantage. Whilst involvement in athletics is not a prerequistite, some background/knowledge of the sport would be an advantage. Experience in others sports is essential.
Individuals from tertiary institutions will be well regarded.

Strong computer skills with demonstrated ability to use Microsoft office products such as word, excel and outlook or similar products.

Relevant Tertiary Qualification

Closing Date 19 May 2008
Apply to
Name Max Binnington
Phone (work) (03) 9820 3511
Fax (03) 9820 3544
Email max.binnington@athletics.org.au
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I hope that’s after tax:eek:


April communique - Athletics Australia and National Elite Sports Council
Following a meeting in March 2007 of the NESC, ASC and Athletics Australia the following communiqué has been released to further improve the communication of the intent, progress and future of the Athletics Australia National High Performance Program. This communiqué and its contents are supported by the ASC, SIS/SAS network and Athletics Australia.

Athletics Australia’s High Performance Program has the fundamental objective of providing our best athletes with access to the best coaching, the best facilities and the best opportunities so they can become competitive on the world stage. In order to achieve this outcome Athletics Australia has established, in conjunction with SIS/SAS/AIS a number of National High Performance Centres (NHPC) under the guidance of a National Event Coordinator (NEC). These Centres focus on specific event groups and use a combination of elite Squad development and camps based coaching to achieve their outcomes. The support of AIS, NSWIS and VIS is critical to the success of these programs providing facility, sports, science and medicine and administrative support to the NEC and the local athletes. Currently all program funds for the Sprint and Distance programs are provided by Athletics Australia using our ASC high performance grants funding and for the Canberra based program by the AIS, utilising AIS funding.

Currently each state has a State Performance Coordinator who is the link between the SIS/SAS, Member (state) Association and Athletics Australia where all parties are important players in the delivery of the NHPP. The MA’s are key providers of competition opportunities for our HP athletes and, in conjunction with SIS/SAS are critical to our state based talent ID efforts. In this role they link in closely with our National Youth Program in feeding into our Under 19 and Under 17 National “talent” Squads who operate under the direction of the National Youth Event Coaches. These Squads are the future of the sport and currently operate as a camps based program using the extraordinary facilities of the AIS.

The future shape of the NHPP will undergo some revision post the 2008 Beijing Olympics and Paralympics but the fundamentals will remain. We aim to make the very successful WA Institute of Sport pole vault program a NHPC and fund it accordingly. Linking the focus of our Sprint Program with our past relay successes and the developing Indigenous Talent ID program will be an enhancement and, narrowing the distance program to targeted events will produce improved results for the funds and effort. The SIS/SAS Directors have committed to ensuring our medal chance athletes are supported through to Beijing and that we adequately fund the NHPP from 2009-2012. The final shape of this program will be determined following a further NESC meeting in late 2007 where possible opportunities for all event groups, including throws, will be considered.

Danny Corcoran Wes Battams
CEO Chairman
Athletics Australia National Elite Sports Council

AA Coordinator- or “Will there be fries with that?”

Another classic

why do you say that? :confused:

KK is it a new role? I looked on the AA site and it wasn’t listed. You’d want to know where this role fits in with everything else.

The one below was advertised

[i]Communications Co-ordinator
Athletics Australia, the national governing body of track, field and out-of-stadium running and walking, seeks a talented, motivated individual to join its tight-knit staff in the role of Communications Co-ordinator.

Position description: Reporting to the Marketing Manager, the Communications Co-ordinator is a key member of Athletics Australia’s marketing and media department and is responsible for the quality of the organisation’s internal and external communication tools.

athletics.com.au, the award-winning website of Athletics Australia, is the Communications Co-ordinator’s primary responsibility. The website serves as a crucial resource year-round and requires dedication to editorial, visual and rich media content.

The Communications Co-ordinator also manages Athletics Australia’s suite of publications, including handbooks and meet programs, the protection and promotion of the Athletics Australia brand and the in-house creation of collateral where required.

Strengthening and managing relationships with key contractors including website designers, graphic designers, publishers and printers is also an important part of the role.

The suitable candidate should have strong time management skills, the ability to work under pressure - both alone and in a team - and a passion for sport.

To be considered for this role, candidates should have:

  • At least three years full-time experience in communications, public relations or marketing within the sporting industry
  • University or another tertiary qualification in journalism, mass communications, public relations or marketing
  • Very strong written and verbal skills and a creative news sense
  • Proven experience with website administration and the regular use of a content management system (HTML not essential)
  • End-to-end experience with publications; from creating copy to preparing for print
  • Strong knowledge of Microsoft Office applications and Adobe Photoshop. Additional understanding of Adobe Illustrator and publishing programs is favourable
  • Experience with managing a budget

The Melbourne-based position does include some weekend and out-of-hours work plus some interstate travel.

Applications should be emailed to Jan Tyrrell and to the attention of Nicole Roache, Marketing Manager by COB on Wednesday, March 26. Click here to do so

Further information is available from Jan Tyrrell on (03) 9820 3511.[/i]

IMHO the one that should be advertised is CEO. :eek:

The successful candidate shall be able to communicate AA’s position to the public.
Examples of a successful candidate’s test run:

Fact: The team sucks. Message: We are in a rebuilding stage.

Fact: High level sport is dying. Message: We are creating a grass-roots approach for the future.

Fact: We spent the money and now we’re going begging. Message:We will be highly active in the corporate community in the near future identifying opportunities.

agreed, the bit that got me was

Very strong written and verbal skills and a creative news sense

creative news = spin doctoring :rolleyes:

Yup- that’s what got me!

hmmm - a position for KK then perhaps???

I’d love it;) How long would you last when you call it as it is: bullshit:rolleyes: