I posted a similar thread elsewere but it got no feedback, and i have had good responses in this part of the forum.

My question is, how do you monitor overtraining? I play soccer btw. Heart rate monitor? Other ways? I really need to know because i am always overtraining… I find it hard to keep intensity low on technical drills… I get carried away.

Thanks for any input.

Use the search function. Search for overtraining in thread titles. About 15 threads will come up. Search for overtraining anywhere and over 200 results will come up. Read the above threads selectively and/or Read Charlie’s books and maybe some of some of the books mentioned on above threads. Then you will know a bit about the theory of overtraining. That’s the easy part. The hard part is putting it into practice (in a non-novice athlete)

I hope that doesn’t come across as rude, but you won’t get anywhere asking a quick non-specific question about vast subjects that have been debated for years in many athletic sports.

I have always used how i felt as a good measure. Other ways:

Massage->determine readiness of muscles

Waking heartrate trends -> higher than usual, could mean overtraining

Keep this in mind - one bad training session doas not mean you are overtraining, as this sessions lack of performance may of been caused by other factors, however if the problem perists after several sessions go to a docter to get your hormonal/cortisol ratios checked.

Ok i will keep that in mind