Overtrained - what should I do?

I think I’ve overtrained. I’m recovering 3x slower than normal (ie. 6 days instead of 2 days in between workouts) and I have perpetual soreness in my jaw muscles (result of too much stress according to dentist).

Obviously I am doing all I can to get as much sleep as possible and I am still trying to get 1.5g/kg of protein. I can’t find any ZMA in the UK so I am taking zinc and magnesium supplements seperately.

Anyway what can I do to further speed up the recovery process? How long should it take for me to return to “normal”?

It can take up to (or more depending on circumstances) 10 days of light tempo work.

Wow. That fast :eek:

Thanks Herb. Any other methods that I could use as well?

EDIT: What volume should I use? 1000m total?

Methylcobalamin and general B vitamin, large doses of C vitamin, aerobic workout, light tempo, massage, feet/hands reflexology, acupuncture, whole body microcurrent, craniosacral technique, bowen.

have u tried/heard of power drive? that could help.

I second what Herb suggested, cut-out the high-intensity stuff and do some tempo for about 10 days. Also (maybe more important) find out what is causing the stress and minimize it, if the extraneous stuff is that stressful, you are just going to end up in this state again.

Diet-wise, make sure you are eating enough healthy fats with your meals (and eating enough in general), this can help a ton.

Also make sure you’re getting quality sleep.

Plus, don’t be too quick to push it once you start feeling better. Let yourself recover – you won’t lose much by taking a little more time, and you don’t want to wipe yourself out again.

Thanks for advice all. Really appreciate it.

dude, this is gonna sound funny, but i had a mild overtraining case some weeks ago, and it really really helped me along with the other excelent advice given in the thread.

have some (if not alot) of non agressive sex, as in you just lie around half asleep:p

ok i know, but i swear it helped, it was like…cleansing or something, i cant put my finger on it