overcoming fear of a high height

I am 5’9, today set a PR at 6’2 without effort. From 5’6 all the way to 6’2 there where no misses. All made easily.

Then comes 6’4! My buddy said my 6’2 jump was high enough to make 6’4". Anyways, I look up, and just tell myself holy crap. 6’4" looks so high for me at 5’9. I know folks at heights like mine often clear heights like 7ft, I just need to know how to get that fear out of myself. I reviewed the video, I totally bring my hands down,and look up with my head almost instantly, which killed my arch.

Would appreciate help.

I gotta a video of my 6’2 clearence. I wanted to set a realistic goal. I was wondering if you guys think 6’6" is realistic? In terms of jumping ability? I’m not looking at 6’6 saying it’ll be easy, but hardwork and more time on my technique and will get me there.
Here is the video… the first is 6’ second is 6’2

really, you just need to approach it just like any other jump. Building up worries or doubts about your height will only make you tense for no reason. great job getting over 6’2! :slight_smile:

another thing you may want to consider is that more MOST (though undoubtedly not all) jumpers there is a range of jumps which tend to be your best. The number we used in HS was jumps 6,7,8, and 9. We planned our practice jumps and opening heights accordingly so that we were hitting our top jumps at heights that were PR tying or new PR attempts.

thanx for the reply. Can you please explain the 2nd paragraph? Gotta little lost.

Anyways, we dont really actually ever jump in practice, will we do, but we just use a bungee cord, and there too lazy to raise it because I think I’m the only jumper out of 10 high jumper who can get past 6, or 5’2 rather. I dont ever really get to practice at high heights. I dont know if actual jumping in practice is helpful, we in my case I think getting the approach would help most.

she means (and correct me if I’m wrong, Krasnayafleur) that your 6th thru 9th jump of the meet will probably be your best…so if you decide to enter at 5’6" and no misses occur, your peak jumps would be happening around 6’2"+ range.

Alot of high jumpers I know have a tendency on higher jumps to jump “to” the bar as opposed to “over” it. Make sense? Don’t make the bar your focal point or -thunk- and a miss. Work on getting over it, visualize yourself clearing it. Visualization does wonders in pressure events like high jump.

Agree totally with the guys.

Visualization is the key to good performance, see yourself doing right, and you’ll do right (micky, Rocky5)

As you know with anything, you have got to go through ABC before you can get to D - ABC being the techique, D - being the outcome/distance.

Focus on what you have to do to clear the bar and not the bar itself.

goodluck dude.