Outdoor season preparation.

This is my second year of training. I am a 35 year old master’s sprinter, and just last week went to see Dr. Matuszewski in Ottawa for a therapy session.

I have gone to massage therapists, a sports doctor, a physiotherapist, chiropractors, a naturopath, etc. None of them could give me what I was looking for, which was basically “this is what your body is doing, and this is what you should to do improve it.”

He is amazing- I learned more in the first five minutes than all the other people who have treated me could tell me combined.

I am a very entry level sprinter (12.61 100m), and wanted to know what I need to focus on physically to improve this season.

My start is very weak, and he told me a couple of key things.

  1. My lower back is extremely weak. He advised me to do reverse hypers (both with knees bent, and knees straight with no weight at first) in order to strengthen my lower back. Should I incorporate these exercises on my speed days when I do leg weights (mostly trap bar deadlifts)?

  2. He advised me to do water running to avoid compressing my joints so much, since I am older, and I do have some scoliosis, and some clicking in my knees. I am currently doing two speed days per week (Tuesday and Friday) with the SE built in to the speed sessions when we don’t have a meet.

My question has two parts.

First, for outdoor preparation (which starts after our final indoor meet this Sunday), does it make sense I start to split out the SE runs to Sunday mornings when I can’t find a meet to run?

Second, I assume the water running should be done as a tempo day. Can anyone help me with a basic program? (I have Speed Trap, CFTS, Forum Review, and Key Concepts Elite Edition, and I don’t think it is covered in depth anywhere)

Currently, I run four days a week;

SPEED: Tuesday, Friday

TEMPO: Wednesday, Saturday

I really want to step up my training as outdoor season approaches, but don’t want to go nuts and injure myself. Currently I’m at 13% bodyfat and really need to lose this last bit of weight, so I think I need to add at least another day to my training as well as adjust my diet.

If I were to do the SE runs on Sunday, would it be ok to do water running on Mondays, or is it too intensive to do the day before speed? Would it be smarter to just substitute water running for one of my current tempo days (Wednesday or Saturday) every second week?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Rupert, maybe I should be coming to you guys for an outdoor season plan…

As you know Waldemar was our therapist back in the day and he’s on the same page with me about these issues.
the hyper and reverse hyper exercises are featured on the GPP Download.
If you want a training program specifically designed by me, contact angela@charliefrancis.com and she will provide the details.

Thanks Charlie. I do have the GPP download as well, and I will review it this evening. I think I recall you can even do them with a partner just providing manual resistance?

I will contact you about a program.