Outdoor Graphs

I have a ton of Charlie’s materials but I have never seen any of the Outdoor graphs - If there are any, would someone point me in the right direction (product wise)?

Check Angela’s FB page, there is one for 200m

Did you see the one I posted on Twitter?

Which one are you looking for?

Are those workouts created by Charlie? Surprised by those volumes.

Yes, these workouts were created by Charlie for Tom Crick and with Tom Crick with athletes who Crick was already coaching.

It was not created at random, but based on work that may have already been established and played to the strengths of the athletes it was intended for.

TC would be able to comment on who it was intended for.

These graphs are not intended to be recipes as you know. It’s a guideline of ideas and volumes and methods.

Yep - I have the one’s you posted back in 2015 same workouts but label for 100-200 runners.