outdoor goals

Ever since my school’s new football coach showed up 3 years ago (2002-2003) He has used BFS. Before he came in, there was no BFS that I was aware of and nobody got injured then when he came in and installed it ofr hte football team, his first year he went 0-10 with a HANDFUL of injuries. 2nd year, the boys on the team lfited liem enver before and what happens? One kid breaks his collar bone, the other messes up his ankle, maybe sprained it? and another Pulled his ACL, they also went 2-8. and this year has yet to be determined. This program is no good. They sell you magazines and put in high school teams that claim they have been turned around and into a winning program because they installed the BFS when in reality these teams had the size and talent but just needed a coach, or the coach was a former nfl or college star or the team was on a down year, bottom line is, a football team can’t get better just on a weight training program. Just because 10 players can lift 200 lbs x amount of times doesn’t mean you are going to go 10-0 with playoffs. The football coach tried to get me on a BFS program for track and I declined, I thanke him for asking me, but I still declined, I don’t want a part of BFS, its no good.

Wait till you see the box. 6’3" people have to sit down all of 2" to squat down on it. :stuck_out_tongue: And with a lot of high school coaches paralell means bend your knees. Ironhead, that was some funny shit.

These kids are getting jerked lovely… BFS makes me think of my HS coach making me run 2 600m 2 500m 4 250m and finish with 10 100m with a 2 mile warm up in the middle of the season… At 14 yo i was a 11 high 24 high and was jumping close to 20 feet my soph year. Nothing great but, my senior year I was still doing the same times because of poor coaching.

I think I need to coach and do the right thing for these kids!

That’s pretty good but I don’t know if anybody could ever beat 16*200m “sprints” up a 25+ degree asphalt hill in 40 degree weather and a “fast jog” downhill as recovery (all after only half mile jog warmup on uneven surfaces) with the entire team, including fat throwers, in THE FIRST WEEK OF PRACTICE. Made me so mad. We ran two miles the next day because that was a “speed” day.

Wow. Sounds like the kinda coach that would make people wear hefty garbage bags to get lean…

What? Wearing garbage bags doesn’t get you lean? :smiley: