Our new online storefront

Dear Members,

I am pleased to announce that our new online store is online and operational today, August 28th at 3pm est.

You can expect the following

  • Easier, more reliable transaction flow
  • Choice of shipping rates/service types before you checkout to PayPal
  • Orders are approved and available for download much faster
  • Faster loading storefront
  • Better user profile management
  • Real time shipping rates coming as soon as I get my login to UPS
  • Soon to be launched affliate sales tracking
  • Online support for mail in payments (money orders)

Note that since this is a new storefront installation, you may need to create a new user account. Thats it.

Check it out: http://www.charliefrancis.com/store/

We hope you enjoy the new additions,


I have a problem with PayPal - my country does not exist on the “list of countries”. What do you recommend - how can I order the new book?

You may send us a money order, when checking out of the store, choose “mail in” as the payment type. You will receive instructions on how to proceed shortly afterwards.

Thank you,