Our new movie, coming soon to a screen near you

Hi All

We began shooting our new project film yesterday. Expect a great movie! Here you can see Charlie demonstrating his new, never before seen “elevation” technique.

Nice … good stuff. what is it called?

Rupert, that you in the backround?

That is the coach/athlete we are working with in the film, some of you may know him as Tom Green here at the website.

The video has no final title yet. Watch for more info.


Nice to see someone has finally figured out how David Blaine does it! I look forward to the full demonstration of Charlie’s powers in the coming months.

Charlie is starting to look more like a Personal Trainer than a coach. All he needs now is a chubbier clientel.

Charlie has gone hollywood.


awwwww c´mon you can’t expect him to hang out at playboy parties and not look good!!!

Charlies da man and we all know it, hahaha :smiley:

Charlie does have mad hops. And technique you will have to see to believe.