Our New DVD : Now shipping

Our new DVD titled “Fundamentals: Speed & Strength” is now shipping.

Running time is 1hr.1minute and covers the following.

Working with Blocks
Weight Training
Various Drills
…and much more.

More here

*members who recently ordered from us this last week can expect a promo copy of this DVD with their orders.

Thank you, we hope you enjoy this new and exciting lineup.


How much will cost to Brazil ?
Same 49.99 ?
Only PayPal system ?

Paypal or mail in payments.

You can also buy me a ticket to Brazil, I’d be happy to hand deliver the disk for you. :slight_smile:


Rupert can we swing by your office for a copy?

You may do that, contact me by email.


Done Rupert
1st Class right ?
Just flying, just flying.

Is there anything on the DVD that is not covered by the previous DVD’s. Is there any further info avaialble on the content of the DVD

ie does it give sets/reps, how to calculate block positionings, a stretching program, drills, mobility program?

I have GPP and Vancouver DVD, just wondered if this new one complements these two?

Is it aimed at athlete or coach?


This DVD is a big departure from our previous movies and sets the pace for our future titles.

To answer your questions, reps and sets are discussed; calculating blocks is demonstrated more than once, drills & stretching are featured also. Plus much more.

The disk is a compliment to our other videos, and although I feel there is no overlap; Charlie is Charlie so expect a similar “feeling” to the entire film. There is lots discussed on this disk in a practical “hands on” manner.

Imagine being in the blocks with Charlie and talking about how to generate enough force to put you at x+1 when your competition is X…this is covered.

Derek Hansen makes an appearance also that takes the viewer into a weight lifting demo.

Jane Marum appears in more than 30% of the movie and functions as a comparison athlete.

Our own member Mortac appears in the film and shows you what shape an athlete needs to be in to be successful.

I could really go on here, in a nutshell (and this is my opinion)…

Vancouver series are coaching products

GPP Essentials is an athlete/coaching product

Fundamentals Part I is an athlete/coaching product leaning more to the athlete.

Hope this helps, if you have questions; please post them.


Thanks Rupert, sounds like would be a good addition to my CF library!

I’ve sent an email one week ago about shipping rates in italy and if the dvd fits the european dvd players, but didn’t receive any answer, so I post it here…infos thanks!I was almost excited when i saw the new dvd!:slight_smile:

DVDs are usually availible in PAL or NTSC. They work on my UK dvd player and should work in europe. Shipping should be calculated in the store. It is usually $20 to the UK probably very similar to Italy. Hope this helps.