osteitis pubis???

I managed to get this affliction just prior to the worlds masters> It wa frustrating, since my heat time in a -3.5 wind would have probably gotten me a medal when the wind died dow. Unfortunately I was unable to walk, let alone run the next day. I was wondering if anyone else has had to deal with this type of injury?

Use the term- Osteitis Pubis

In the Search Function and you will find various threads with ways others have dealt with the condition.

I myself was diagnosed with osteitis pubis in july of 2004. The biggest problem was, the injury initially occurred in October 2003, and due to misdiganosis (sp?), I did not even get an x-ray until 2 months later. I initially injured it doing lunge landings off of a low box. Not the smartest thing to do AND I was in poor shape because I was coming off of another injury as well. I heard a pop, stopped there. Before football practice, I went to the trainers and they just said it was a groin strain and to ice. It hurt to jog at practice but I went through it as we had a small team and every man counted. The next day I went to practice and could barely do the walkthroughs. AT THE GAME I played horribly and could barely walk afterwards. I then made it through the last week of football season and our final game. I rested for a few weeks, and then tried to return for basketball season, but the pain was still there. In December 2003, I finally went to see a ortho and he said that I have an avulsion fracture in my lesser trochanter (I almost tore this knob of bone where the adductor attaches off of my femur). So I rested for about 5-6 weeks. I tried to return to basketball but even though the pain had lessened (I assume that my fracture had healed) there was still other tissue that had not healed. This pattern continued for months: I would rest for 5-6 weeks, come back for 2-3 and have to start rest over again. I also had scar tissue which did clear up with the use of ultrasound and deep tissue massage. Finally in July 2004, I got an MRI and a CT scan, which said that my tendons and ligaments all looked fine, but i had the post effects of a large stress across the pubic symphysis, which is osteitis pubis. On scans you could see that there was some type of calcium deposits building up on my pubic rami. I actually could lift weights or do jumps without much pain if any at all. (at this point it was hard to tell if I was imagining pain because I had it so long) But lateral movement, agility, and sprinting all caused pain.

So I started doing rehab at a Physical Therapy center, but it only got worse. Finally, around October or November of 2004, I decided that active rest, 5-6 weeks of both passive or active rest, and physical therapy were all not working. I decided that I would do 3 months of passive rest. If i came back from that and still had pain then I would continue with therapy. So I rested 3 months, came back around late January 2005, and started with light lifting Westside style. No problems after the first month. Then I started lifting heavy. No problems after a month of that. Since then I have played basketball occasionally and in the weight room I am setting all time PRs so I feel the injury has healed.

Keep in mind, my case was AN EXTREME. It took me 15 months for my injury to heal, but I never had it checked out initially, and then there were misdiagnoses along the way. I did research on it, and I think the usual return time takes 30-60 days, 90 days is a little long. I think the main thing for you should be to do anything you can to stay active as long as it does not hurt. EMS would be fairly useful.
This is one of the most frustrating injuries as there is little literature on this and is one of the most misdiagnosed sports injuries.

If you have any more Qs feel free to ask. After 15 months dealing with an injury, Im sure I am the master at knowing what NOT TO DO with osteitis pubis.