Osaka: Merlene DNQ

OSAKA, Japan, Aug 26 AFP - Ageless sprinter Merlene Ottey held back the ravages of time to reach the world championships at 47, but she couldn’t beat the clock as she crashed out of the 100 metres today.
The Jamaican-born Ottey, now representing Slovenia as the tournament’s oldest competitor, finished fourth in her heat in 11.64 seconds, too slow to reach the second round.
But it was a creditable performance from a woman who made her worlds debut in 1983 and, in her 59th race, was up against girls young enough to be her grand-daughters.
I beat a few of them out there, so I'm not complaining,'' she quipped. Ottey holds a record 14 world championship medals, the last of which came a decade ago, together with eight Olympic prizes. When she claimed her first world medals in 1983, Ronald Reagan was president of the United States and the last episode of hit series M.A.S.H aired on TV. But Ottey, still in eye-popping shape as she approaches her dotage, said she has no immediate plans to hang up her spikes with an Olympics just around the corner. It depends on how well this season goes, and also the start of next season,’’ she said when asked about retirement.
Obviously I enjoy it, otherwise I wouldn't be here. Running races is what I do.'' Generations of sprinters have come and gone since the days when Ottey challenged Gail Devers for track supremacy and battled athletes from the now dissolved Soviet Union. I used to be number one but if I was still challenging then the sport would be in trouble,’’ she said.
``It’s not the same any more. I’m not challenging for medals so it’s a completely different feeling. I’m just running for me.’’