How often would Jane need to follow up with Dr. Forgrave to review if any adjustments need to be made from the new orthotics?

With consistent treatment and proper training protocols, might not Jane require new orthotics or would those installed be more permanent?

In addition, how often, if any, did you follow-up the technique that Dr. Forgrave demonstrated with Jane’s foot and you, as well, demonstrated in his office?

After watching the Jane Project, I finally realized why I have been unable to completely resolve my lower leg problems. I’m over pronoting, just like she was.

Are orthotics the only viable solution? I ask because of the all the cautions that have been raised with regard to them being made improperly. It seems as if a large part of my over pronating is related to chronic muscle spasm in the intrinsic foot muscle, preventing them from functioning properly to stabilize the arch during gait. Could at least a partial resolution of the problem be achieve with proper soft tissue work to release the tissue in combination with specific arch exercises?

I’ve been doing a little of this for the last two days and can already notice some improvment in pronation control, but I really have to see my ART guy, who is now biomechanics certified and hopefully will be able to properly analyze my gait.

That was a large part of my interest in making a project like this. People need to see what a real evaluation looks like. BTW, I’m going to try to get Mike Forgrave to post some articles here (he’s written extensively). I’m wary of corrections done through other means. If you end up comming here, maybe you should get it done by Mike

She did make a minor adjustment in the beginning but the orthotics are working out well so far, and if she needs them adjusted, Mike will do it as part of the package. As he’s on the way to her school, she could always drop in on the way if necessary

That’s what I was thinking. But it’s a question of when, and how I should deal with it until then.

I guess it depends on how long the wait will be. Also need to know how you’re handling tempo now. It would be good to spend time in the pool for that as you see it done in the pool in the Jane DVD (but please don’t wear the same suit!).

My training has been pretty sporadic lately due to work, so the only work I’ve done consistently is some weight training and abs. So tempo really hasn’t been a factor, unfortunately.

At this point, I’m very aware of tension in my lower legs just from walking, so I’m anxious to resolve this as soon as possible.

Right now I’m aiming to go up there maybe the last week of April if I can manage my load at work properly. I’m taking next week off to visit my sister in London for Easter, so I’ll give you a call when I get back and we can work out the details.

OK Have a great trip. Keep me posted at info@charliefrancis.com

I’m back from the UK and just sent you an email regarding the details and costs of coming up to train and get treated.

you should have all the info in your E-mail

Well, I’ve got my orthotics from Mike and have been gradually breaking them in the last few days. The difference is really remarkable.

Not only is my gait different (obviously) but the chronic tension and inflammation in my lower legs is finally gone. I can feel the difference all the way up through the pelvis and lower back.

I haven’t run in them yet, but I’m looking forward to trying them out on the track soon.

Good to hear…keep us up to date on how they work out for you. I had a not so good experience with orthotics before and its good to see someone getting the right treatment.

I too am interested in how your orthotics go. I recently got video analysis of my gait and I can see where correction is needed. The problem is where do I get them made because the skill of the practicianer is of great importance.


This is a bit of a personal question but how much did they cost to have made, how much was the consultation and how long did it all take?



Luckily, I had Mike Forgrave design my orthotics. That’s one of the reasons I went to Toronto to train with Charlie. Not only is he the best at what he does, but he also hooks you up with the best support people.

The total price tag was $740 CAD. That included the evaluation by Mike and the orthotics. I got three pairs: one for dress shoes, one for flats, and one for spikes. One of the pairs was free since I travelled all the way to Toronto from Dallas to see him. I hesitate to write that, because I don’t want everyone flocking to Toronto looking for a discount. Then again, Mike might appreciate the extra business. But I think it’s normally $740 for the evaluation and two pairs (for flats and spikes).

Mike saw me at Charlie’s house last Tuesday and had to mail the orthotics to me since he was going out of town two days later. Normally, there would have been a second visit to pick them up. I got them in the mail on Monday, which was much sooner that I was expecting.

That sounds very reasonable. Thanks for the info. I am looking at similar prices in the UK but without Mike’s expert guidance. If I have a spare £600 and could stomach 10 hours on a plane I would fly over. Maybe I’ll save up and do it next year.

Thanks for the feedback.



The Jane dvd is awesome. Well done to all concerned for its content. What I’d like to know is this: are hard orthotics ever right? (A girl I’m coaching has them).

Thanks. I don’t like the hard orthotics and I’ve never seen anyone have good luck with them but I’d hesitate to say never because I don’t know.

Thanks Charlie. We are still at a very early stage with her orthotics and she has both hard and soft versions. The podiatrist we are working with is the best in our area and reckons the soft ones may be better in her spikes. I suppose there may be a hint of trial and error in the coming weeks but I will keep a close eye on things and progress conservatively in the best traditions of CF.com. I will try to report back if anything crops up that may benefit the group.


I’ve had the hard orthotics and did not have a good time with them. The process of “getting used to them” as described by the podiatrist was a huge pain in the ass and made my arches feel like crap. A short while after getting them, i had constant glute med. tightness on my right side which set off my left psoas. Was not fun. Had a chiro and podiatrist who strictly dealt with high level athletes look at them and soon found out that they were messing me up. I dicted them right then and the spasms decreased. Haven’t used them since and have had minimal problems. Still think i need a good set of orthotics, but there is no one good around me and getting to Toronto isn’t the easiest plan for me. Also, i feel that the hard orthotics weaken the arch and reduce the elastic properties of the arch.

Maybe I can help you find a good podiatrist in your area. Send me a message and I’ll see what I can do. Being a podiatrist, I know who knows what!