ordering the dvd

hi- i was wondering if i would be able to order the dvd any other way beside pay pal. would i be able to send a money order instead? thanks…

You may address and send all money orders to this location…please ensure that you ASK FOR A SHIPPING RATE before you send your money order to us. You may do this by private message or email to “info@charliefrancis.com”.

Heres the address info

Charlie Francis
276 Carlaw Avenue, Suite 312
Toronto, Ontario
M4M 3L1

Hope this helps,



I have pre-ordered the DVD, and have my confirmation from paypal, but, no confirmation from Charliefrancis.com.

Has my order been received???



Hi Craig,

We have your order, you’ll see a confirmation on Monday.

Thanks, and note that all other pre-orders have been received and those customers who placed orders will also get their confirmations on Monday.



ok, thank you for the address. i will be sending a money order. what would the total price be if i sent it out on monday?

Rupert, did u send out the order confirmations yet? If so, I did not recieve one.

I have recieved only a confirmation from pay pal as well. Should I get a confirmation from you guys as well Rupert? Also, when are the videos being shipped out?

Confirmations have been sent out. Hope everyone got theirs. If not, email “info@charliefrancis.com” Subject “Where’s my confirmation”.




Is the DVD multizone? so europeans can read it on their players?


All european zones are supported. Based on your location we will either send a PAL or NTSC copy.

Hope this helps,


I think I should have gotten the DVD by now since I’m in the US. I got in on the preorder a while before it ended and paid with Paypal but may not have been able to get any e-mails regarding my order because my PayPal account is under mounfor@netscape.net which I can no longer recieve e-mail under. The address I currently use is mounfor@yahoo.com. Because of this I’d just like to make sure everything is okay and the DVD is on its way.


Still nothing down this way either. Maybe tomorrow or at least by Wednesday. I feel your pain Pete.

Dear Members,

Remember that your orders came with regular express shipping, we’ve been told that certain destinations could be up to 5 weeks with this shipping method.

We have shipped the first lot of DVD’s, please email “info@charliefrancis.com” to discuss shipping further.

Thanks in advance,


what is the procedure for ordering by paying with money order.Also do I need a confirmation number after buying the money order?


Picking up on Track365 query, I sent an email to "info@charliefrancis.com asking if the video could be purchased by money order from Australia and if so what would be the cost including shipping.

Dont know what happened to the email, so could you respond in this forum .


PS. Sorry I mean the dvd.

looking to buy

What a frustration: Since December 2003, I have tried to order the DVD. In the first place my country does not exist in the list of PayPal. I have tried to use my daughter’s information - living in the UK - but the only message that both of us received, is:

System Message

We were unable to calculate Shipping Rates for this order. Please contact us for assistance.

Both of us have tried to contact you for assistance, without success. WHAT CAN I DO??? PLEASE HELP!!!

i have still yet to recieve the DVD???

Rupert, when are the DVD’s shipping, I haven’t received it yet and it been 2 weeks since I paid for it.