I would like to order the following:

2002 Forum Review Final
2004 Vancouver Series
Charlie Francis: GPP
Modern Strength and Power Methods
Jane Project

To be able to get a money order from the bank, I URGENTLY need an invoice and the address where the money has to be sent to.

I do apologise that I have to bother you - I know you get hundreds of mails (with URGENT requests!) per day. But I have an unique problem - to get the money from my school as they promised, I have to order BEFORE next week Friday (18 Nov) - when the books for 2005 will be closed.

Would you PLEASE assist? Thank you VERY much.

Rupert, I have found your address from a previous post. The only other information that I will need is a pro forma invoice, with the price of the articles as indicated. Would you please help?

Thank you!

For the last time, we dont prepare invoices…I dont know why this keeps coming up.

We only support credit card orders from the store, its that simple.

Thank you


Thank you for the response. As I have previously indicated, my country (as a few others as well) is not listed to make a payment through PayPal. I will have to send a money order to you. The same address as in the past?

It’s OK if you do not prepare invoices. The bank agrees to accept my order, as copied from the CF store.

Thanks again. As I am really interested in the books and DVD’s and have the opportunity now to order, I do hope that you will accept the payment - the ONLY way out of the predicament with PayPal.