Orange County Championships(north carolina)

Results of note(very unoffical, i was kinda in the meet so these arn’t to the tenth or anything and the 2 mile time might be off a bit)

Jack Bolas Chapel Hill High: 4:05 1600m. pretty much the state record and the fastest time in the nation this year… also on a cinder track… Sub 4 at nationals or states would be great. the man was second at cross country team nationals cause he flipped over a hay bale with 200yds to go.

Taylor Gilliand East Chapel Hill High: 9:27 3200m(might have been in the 9:30’s). A freshmen in high school, Pre 1.1

oh by the way antonio seles(east chapel hill high) ran an easy 21.6 in cross country spikes with no spikes in the holes becasue he’s in the NC A&T meet tommorow.

didn’t really pay as much attention to the girls races.