Oral B12 - Worth the Worry?

I was thinking of taking some B12 (Cyanocobalamin) and dissolving the tablets under my tongue. Good idea?? or extremely stupid??

before we used b12 we would leave the track very tired and not have the brain power to do much else the rest of the evening. When we started taking them post work we noticed that right after taking them our mind instantly woke up even though our bodies were tried so i would say yes they seem to have profound effect on cns recovery.

I take oral B12 and have never specifically noticed an effect. When I use intramuscular B12 (I believe! - very subjective) I notice signs of CNS benefit.

Agree. Oral b-12 didn’t do jack for me.

Did you take them before the workout too? and what dosage?

So, you take oral B12 just for the hell of it.

lol. Just about! How much does it help in the grand equation? Worth the small outlay? Is it contributing 0.02 percent? Probably won’t be replenishing when it runs out. As an aside: how many of our supplements, for example multivitamins, do we really just take ‘for the hell of it.’? I look at them as a small guarantee, that they are available to the body if/when it requires them.

We use Biochem brand b12 (methylcobalamin) 3000 mcg sublingual lozenges post workout only. We use l-carnitine l-argininine and lipic acid pre-workout for cns.

when using the b12 injections, does anyone or has anyone had experiice using it leading up to a major race? and if so what would people suggest, taking 1 week before, 3 days before ect ect


Where do you inject it and how?
Anyone want to start a thread on injections. (Vitamins of course). :slight_smile:

All I can advise is my own subjective experience. Recently I felt that I had a subtle improvement in training quality over various sessions 2-5 days post injection. Very hard to attribute the exact cause though as many real life factors (stress on preceding days, sleep etc) could easily overshadow the effect. I did feel fresher than I expected however.

Intramuscular. Self administered. Medial delt for me.

Methyl as opposed to cyana absorbs way better. Trophic also makes one.

True… So it’s just like any other vitamin. Lol… :smiley:

Ok, good info.

Plook, how do you know that Methyl is better absorbed than Cyano? Personal experience??

you inject in your upper outter glute. and injectable b-12 is much better than oral.