Optimal shoes for combine/pro day

For lineman, anyone know of a good shoe they could use for their L-Drill, 40, 20 shuttle, and vertical?

The individuals I’ll be with will be training/running on a old mondo track surface.

I’m pretty sure track spikes will not be allowed.

Both individuals weigh 297-305lbs.

Any advice appreciated.

I wasn’t a fan of Nike Shox when they came out. Then I worked a Nike camp and they came me free product. I was give a pair of Nike Shox 45 shoes. I thought they were a bit stiff, but they turned out to be great for sprints, jumps, lateral work and heavy lifting. The Shox portion of the shoe (midfoot to rearfoot) are quite stiff and even when I’m squatting over 450lbs, there is minimal deformation of the shoe - very stable. So they would be good for larger, heavier athletes. They are a good multipurpose shoe for any power-speed athlete. I wouldn’t use them for jogging or tempo - a little to rigid.

They can be quite pricey, but you can always pick up a pair on e-bay for under 100 bucks. I think they are about $170 CDN in Canada, which I’m not willing to pay.

A pair of Nike Zoom Waffles is the next best thing to a spike.