Optimal Hip Height

We know that one of the major differences between an elite athlete and an average athlete in sprinting is the height of the hip upon ground contact. Is there an optimal height in relation to the leg length or body type, and can the hip be propelled too high whilst sprinting?

I remnember a british sprinter by the name of Jason Livingstone,
nicknamed “baby Ben”. stocky and reasonably muscular, short,
great over 60m indoors. There was a magor differance between Jason and his hero. I saw the side profile of Jasons sprinting in slow-motion. Sprinting? More like bounding. His hips were up and down like yo-yo’s.
I realize there is vertical displacement when a lot of force is generated but the thing is Jason was coming back down, like an arch, quite substantially, before following ground contact.
Charlie has mentioned Ben’s “lift”, whereby he seems to still be rising during, before(not dropping), and after ground contact.
Also, it has been mentioned that Flo-Jo’s mechanics very slightly altered as her hip hieght slightly increased in 88’, due in no small part to her improved strength levals.
As for what is optimal, I have no idea personally, other than it is upwards somewhere, up there, “over there”, (there or abouts.)