Opinions on Coby Miller

can I just ask what you guys think about Coby Miller? I’ve never seen him run, but i’ve seen pictures of him and he looks like a freakin’ tank. On some pages it says he’s 168cm and 68 kg but on others it says he’s 175cm and 84 kg (I’d believe the second) does anyone know about his weight training program or have any videos of him running?

If you don’t know what I’m talking about when I say a freakin’ tank just look at the picture.

It wouldn’t suprise me if some N.F.L scouts tried to persue him.

I saw him run a few times at meets when i was in college, He has “bad” form but it wroks for him. he swinges one arm across his body. he is kinda sweet to to me, just like carl.

What does he run? PB’s etc?


9.98 9.88w



so does anyone have videos, or information about this guy?? for example his weight training program, coz he seems pretty built to me, and according to john smith "the shorter the sprint the more muscular the athlete needs to be, and this year I think my brand new coach wants me to run in the indoor competitions, so I need to get big and fast between now and april. (southern hemisphere)

Oh, and by the way, could someone explain what tempo’s are, I don’t know from the name what that exercise could be, also ins and outs, etc… basically a training dictionary or point me in the right direction, thanx


You ought to buy “Speed-Trap” and “Training for Speed” from this site.

Speed-Trap is not a training specific book, but since it is a sort of history of Charlie Francis’ sprinting and coaching career it both outlines and gives the reasons for the principles he (and most people here) adhere to.


I wouldnt be trying to get big just because john smith said so. Not everyone can carry a lot of muscle weight. I know myself I tried to run when i was 180 pounds of muscle i ran 11.43. I ran 10.42 at 162. I cant run with alot of weight. I was also stronger in the weight room at 162 than i was at 180. so if you go out and get huge u might be in for a little surprise this season.

Yeah Chris, I’m sure that in your case that’s true, but you were weighing 180 punds, currently I’m weighing about 145 pounds (67 kilos) and I would like to get that weigh up to about 75 kilos (162 pounds), hopefully that will put my strength - mass into a better range.

I do agree with you that too much mass isn’t good, but having too little is also kinda sucky. Besides, I think that with some good mass, It should make the difference between the 11.37 I ran a week ago, and getting under the 10 sec mark and who knows, even better.

I have seen him run loads of times. My opinion on Coby Miller is that he is Good! thats it

My legs are about the same size, except he’s much leaner than me, but I’m working on that :slight_smile:

He went out for the NFL and was cut, I think.

Hey Cool, so how big is that??

Also just a question, and I know it’s probably in the wrong discussio, but…

What should come first, strength or size (i.e. should I work hypertrophy on my off season, or strength) and depending on the answer, how would I go about it?? Suggestions for exercises or leg program. All answers are welcome

28.5 inches or so at 5’9" :slight_smile:

I don’t know about other people, but when I train for strength I get bigger anyway.

For hypertrophy I would use big compound lifts, explode the concentric and lower slowly in 3-5secs. Eccentrics are what cause the most hypertrophy. Full Squats basicly.

If you really want to maximise hypetrophy, work up to a heavy triple normally, then lower the weight to around 60-70% of 1RM, and do 3-4 sets of 2, lower each rep in 8 secs, pause for 2 secs at the bottom and then explode the weight up fast. You will get sore however, but if you want muscle mass, you will get it and fast :slight_smile:
Plus strength will rocket up as well thanks to the functional mass.

Only downside to training like this is the DOMS, which can last 2-3 days after the session, so I would only do this in the off-season

ok, so let me get this straight all you do is full squats for all your leg work?? (if not, let me in on the secret please) :wink:

Plus, please explain the comcept of a heavy triple (does that mean that you work up to a 3 rep series? if so, how many series before the triple? also, when you say explode the weight up fast, how fast is that, cause if you’re going heavy, the weight would probably move slowly, but you’re mentally telling your muscles to explode right???

I say this because doing 6 reps of 159 kg at half squat, makes the concentric portion of the movement very slow for me (or at least I percieve my recovery to standing as slow), just as a bonus set of info, what would my 1RM be, I’ve never really gone there, esp. with full squats, I know that my 1RM on the leg press is 230kg or thereabouts.

Yeah mostly, I also do some single leg work at the end of each session for correcting leg imbalances and pumping some blood into the legs etc - Bulgarian splitsquats couple set of 8-10

I do have geneticaly large legs :slight_smile:
But they have grown quite a bit from full squatting

Well you just do warmup sets up to a heavy weight for a triple probbaly around 88-90% depending on the person. As far as sets go, I’ll leave it up to you.
But I normally just do this barx10, 95x5, 135x5, 185x5, 225x5 - these are controlled but somewhat brisk - resting 1.5 to 2mins between sets.
Then these with 3-4mins between sets - 275x3, 315x3 I push these hard and fast - I can move weights in the high intensity range pretty quickly. In any case you just want to push the weights as fast as you can.
Bare in mind this is after doing some powercleans, which help warmup the legs etc as well. You may want to do more warmup sets if you do squats first up.

At a guess your 1RM would be around 400lbs for a half squat, fullsquat is much different, maybe around 300lbs?
Anyway don’t worry about a triple just work up to a fairly heavy weight for 3 reps, and as you get stronger increase this.

use a weight that is lighter than you’d want for the slow eccentric sets, it’s a killer, especially in the lower half :slight_smile:

off course this is just one way to approach it, but this has created the most amount of hypertrophy I have ever had, and I got stronger as well.



Thats HUGE. My legs are about 26.5" and I thought I was big. For the winter months Im trying to get stronger and increase my vertical. Is there a way to keep mass down through all this. Im using a modified westside program with high intensity squats on Mon or Tues and speed boxsquats on Friday or Sat. I think my legs have actually grown a bit with this method. I think it might be bc Im using a minute rest in 8x3. I dont get fatigued or anything, but still. I wish there was more daylight, maybe I could speedE to help keep the mass down. Ah well whatcha gonna do???

well they will no doubt shrink a bit when I lean down to his level :smiley:

But there is defineitly some good amount of muscle under there :slight_smile:
And it’s still getting bigger every week, but less so now, especially my hammies since I started to sprint and hammer em.

They were 24 or so before I even started lifting.

anyway all my worksets are under 5 reps, mostly 3 or under, and they still grow, I think only heavy singles and doubles, plus low weekly volume would be the only way to minimise growth. Stay away from slow negatives.

The short rest periods don’t help either, but longer rest may diminish the way speed days on the Westside may are designed to work. I use quite long rest periods myself on speed type sets - 2mins

Don’t sweat it, just go with the flow. Some people are meant to be big, while other stay smaller even on the eaxct same program.

Okay Cool, I worked out today following pretty much your advice, I went for three triples (3x3) after a nice warmup, and pulled 120kgs on the triples, to rock bottom!!! I surprised myself and the giys at the gym

After this, I did some heavy deadlifts, and finished off the weights with leg extensions and curls.

hopefully this will work on power and hypertrophy

I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Also if you have any other advice for weight training for spinting, let me know, as I’m just getting started in sprinting