Opener - Arms??


Im in lane 2 green body suit. I feel my first 15-20 meters I have good use of arms then tighten up like crazy. anyone know of any arm drills/cues? Is it just me or do I look super tight/ridiculas with my arm use - any tecniques to fix and work on this? cheers!

also the 200m, even more exaggerated.

It looks as if your hands never lift above shoulder height, hard to see on video. Check out the images in “Analyze This” thread

Don’t focus on the arms, just stay loose and try to run as hard as you can.

It seems though, that you loose range of motion when you get up to top speed.

yeah, and i feel from watching the video that as soon as I lost range of motion i slow right down. I look like a robot and I really want to fix that.

Canspeed I would say that your main problem is that you are addicted to frequency. You need to relax and keep a full range of motion…be patient in your transition