Open Discussion on searching the forums

Dear Members

After a few discussions internally, I’d like to hear what you all have to say about the forums search function.

Does it work for you, what can we do to make things better!

I look forward to hearing your thoughts.


The search function has somehow taken a step back. It seems that threads/posts are missing.

For example, surely the word “periodization” has been used by Charlie Francis in postsmore than 3 times and “vertical integration” has been used more than 11 times by all users in posts. Searching for “Abs” yields no threads anymore.

Also what is odd is I just did a few random Title searches with results shown as threads, and no threads from 2004-2006 (last reply) show up. Threads from 2003 show up, as do 2007 and later.

This should be an easy fix, I’m running some routines now.

More to follow


How difficult would it be to add a sub key word search in the advanced search section. Since I do use it quite a bit, it would help to refine a search where I wasn’t certain which part of the forum a specific interest might reside.

Good question, we’re actually looking at adding a natural language search tool which will produce a result set based on word frequency (in short, like a true search engine but for forum posts).

I’m currently doing some work on the forum in segments-this work will not see the forums shut down but will broaden your search results


Also I wish you could search for just a specific post rather than a full thread. It gets frustrating at times looking for a specific post in a thread that has carried on for 15-20 pages of discussion. Especially older threads where you are no longer aware of the part that contains the discussion you are looking for.

Pope, it will never show just a specific post; it will always return a range.


There’s a search this thread option, wouldn’t that be of use to you?

This is probably my biggest complaint. Many searches, often basic ones, yield limited results.

I’d just ‘fix’ basic search functionality first. We don’t need anything special. Baby steps.

Thats the issue, there is no “fix” for larger boards, this is a known issue with the software. Beyond database and search table indexing/corrections there is not alot out there.

The search function as it sits is known to get flaky with larger forums (we’re about to break 200,000 posts-not large per se, but large enough to see the issues we’re having).

Hope that helps.