Oni's Training

Well, so I have everything set. I got my bench so now i can do weights at home + i have a watch to clock myself now, so i’m ready to start some training.

Track season doesn’t start until February, and the conditioning doesn’t start until december( one that i’m not planning to attend ).

I have been in track for 2 years, ran 100,200,and 400m.

100m: 12.0
200m: 24.3
400m: 55.0

I have a friend/rival of mine:

100m: 12.3
200m: 24.4
LJ: 19’

I also a friend/rival of mine who goes to another school, his PR is:

100m: 11.0
200m: 23.9
400m: 56.??

We are both Juniors

So i looked at my time and i told myself, one of my weakness is probably my speed. Therefore, i’m going to drop my 400m workout and just focus mainly on speed right now. Thus, now i’m working on my 200m speed ( I’m a 200/400 guy by the way ) and i only run the 100m when im competing against this friend/rival of mine, of course i have to do something about my speed before he blows me away in the 100m.

Goals for 05 Track Season:

100m: 11.5 >
200m: 23.5 >
400m: 51 >

TODAY [1st Day ] 9/06/04

*Protein drink in the morning

[Running workouts]


3 min rest - 90 sec rest - 3 min rest

-2x200m @ 95%

[Weight Lifting]

Lower Body& Plyos: Monday / Thursday
Upper Body: Tuesday / Friday

Squats: 4 X 10, 8, 6, 3
Power Cleans: 5 X 3
Single Leg Curls: 3 X 10
Single Leg Extentions: 3 X 10

*Protein Drink


Critics are welcome.

OOPS i just realized this is the training article not training JOURNAL.

Haha Mod can u move this please. Sry >.<

Why move it? for the journal section, it gives us some perspective on where things fit.

i was actually gona say too much of a volume in the lifts but i guess i know where u got that from

For me, if you are doing squats, then why bother with leg extensions? The strength gained from squats has far more cross over value than leg extensions. Just my 2c worth…

Well if you don’t already know i got that from Mo’s regimen. And im not planning on doing the exact same thing, today i did it just so i can make slight adjustment to it so that it will suit me. heres what i came up with. Also, Rookie, i do single leg extension because it works on eccentric force.

Tuesday 9/7

800m jog for warm up

speed drills

4x100m with 100m walk for rest

800m jog for cool down

4x10 Bench Press
3x15 Dumbell Press
3x10 Dumbell Shrug
3x10 Deadlift
3x10 Dumbell Curl

*Protein Drink