one strong girl

Forget about her outfit, shes squatting 315 like its nothin. she goes from 135, 225, 315. all for multiple reps.

That suit is the worst thing I’ve ever seen. Please warn us the next time.

Yes, good point- for this kinda stuff a warning at least. Kinda funny, but really bad at the same time…

I was waiting for her patella tendons to tear and her knee caps to pop off. Looks quite painful to me. Very close stance feet pointed straight, not getting the hips back.
Impressive nonetheless.

Deep voice…but I’d bag it up!

You ain’t seen nothin.

THIS is one of my neighbors (which is the only reason I know her name–Mari Asp) BENCHING 336 for a World Record last year:

Her outfit is boring! :slight_smile:

True, but at least I don’t need to worry about getting in trouble at work because of it :p. lkh, do you know how much Mari can bench without her shirt on? (Ok, I couldn’t help that one). She looks tiny too - like 5’4 120lbs, though I’m guessing she’s got considerable muscle mass and is heavier than that.

I teach highschool math, and often have kids in my room at lunch getting help while I cruise the web and eat my lunch. I can just imagine the fallout from having a grade 9 kid turn around just as that video loads up and starts playing… :frowning: