One Step Closer!!!

Still not good enough!!!

And it just gets worse. The idiot who recorded the video, who tried to block Aubrery from leaving , now got his dumb ass arrested. Also the daughter of the killer posted video of aubrey body on snapchat.

Bunch of racist fucks.
They were making a snuff film, and parading the video around like they used to do with pics of lynchings.

Hope they all go to prison and get beat to death


Listen from the 2min mark… Dude lawyer called his ass dumb ass rocks… LOL

WTF… exactly why he in jail now.

Scene on Radio is a podcast.

Season 2 has 14 episodes of a series called “Seeing White”.

My sister was telling me about how good it was. It explains a great deal about the history of Racism in the US.

Thank you!!!