One of Ben's Best - Zurich 1986

Here is Ben in Zurich, destroying the field and finishing the last 10m with his hand held high. My understanding is that in this particular race he reached the highest top speed ever recorded.

Charlie, what background can you provide on this race?

I’ve provided an animated GIF for the forum post, but also provided a link to a Windows media file that is smoother.

Windows Media File - Ben Zurich 1986

It looked to me that been didnt have his usuall jump start?

Charlie himself did say that someone (I don’t know whether or not it was Charlie himslef) did a Video-Analysis of this race and found that Ben did run the 10m segment from 60-70m in a time 0.81s, which is 0.02s faster than the fastest officially recorded 10m split time from Scientific studies (achieved by Ben Johnson in 1988 Seoul OG, 0.83s for 50-60m, Carl Lewis also in 1988 Seoul OG, 0.83s for 50-60m and Carl Lewis also in 1991 Tokyo WCH, 0.83s, 70-80m)
0.81s for a 10m split time represents a Peak Speed of approximately. 12.35m/s (rounded up from 12.345m/s) which is 27.62mph (27.6mph rounded down to 1 decimal place)

Ben took a much easier start here and blew everyone away from 50 to 80 meters, then shut it down. He didn’t expect to be close to the record because there was a 1.3m headwind!