One month to get a sub-7.5 in 60m dash

Ya need more than a month to do it, otherwise, well, look what happened, Pulled hammie and NO time…

If you’re not looking at the time scale, and still wondering about the differences, then;
Racing into shape will generally require at least a solid Base to work off from.
Training into shape, slowly leads you faster and faster over time. A bit faster at a time.
Racing will be as fast as you can at the time. Not so with Training.

Hope it makes sence?

Yes. Thanks.

So that dorsiflexion thing that xlr8 posted pretty much cured my my shins on the front outer leg. However I still have a problem in the front inner leg. Any exercises to get that pain away?

That sounds like the inflamed periosteum of the tibia, a stress reaction…basically posterior shin splints, something which I’ve suffered from alot. IMO you need to ice this and rest untill the pain has subsided, and gradually ease yourself back into training.

and stop locking your knees when you run. Look at Asapha he only locks out for the last 5 steps, someone said he looks different for the last 15 or so meters.