One leg squats for long jump?

I was thinking, it may not be the same for sprinting, but how about for running long jump where you take off on one leg clearly? would one leg squats help this?

You take of on one leg in the sprints too. I’ve never liked them as a training means though they can serve a corrective role under supervision.

Split squats or lunge squats or wutever, those are the only single leg work I do. Honestly havent seen better results from those, prefer regular squats.

I don’t consider them like a single leg squat but I prefer regular squats as well.

In a LJ take-off, the foot plants well in front of the Center of Mass to convert some force to vertical. The forces applied during a LJ footplant are tremendous.

In a single leg squat, the foot is directly under the Center of Mass, and the forces are minimal, as much effort is directed at balancing on one leg while performing a sub-max movement. There are other factors that make a single-leg squat non-specific for Long Jump, Triple Jump and cutting in sports, including:

  • Rate of force development
  • Magnitude of eccentric forces
  • Nature of the co-contraction of flexors and extensors at the knee and hip
  • Contribution of the swinging leg (drive leg) during the long jump take-off

But, people still seem to think single-leg squats are the answer…

Interesting… Some people think that the “normal” squat is a bit dangerous because of the pressure that is being put on the lowerback… So they choose for single squats because “they” think that’s a more natural movement… Atleast that’s what i heard…

well, the whole balancing issue is sorta nullified during the long jump(or any event) because you’re running and there’s alot less challange in balancing while running on one leg vs balancing while standing still.

That type of thinking is analagous to doing single arm push-ups to improve punching power… Yo Adrienne!!!


So split squat jumps (plyometrics) would be good then for the long jump as the foot is infront of the center of mass.

LOL hahaha

Like Charlie said, they do have their place in a program. Also have you heard of the bilateral deficit?

i prefer regular squats too
for single leg can do step ups on the box, its closer to long jump take off position

I’ve had some success with split jump squats for long jump and triple jump (not too much of a split and not too heavy a load).

If you are a long jumper or high jumper, it’s pretty obvious that you would have a bilateral deficit. How far would you go to correct that deficit? Equal amount of take-offs with each leg? Not likely.

Most people have some kind of bilateral deficit it’s called being left or right handed.

Yeah but if we aren’t balanced then we will likely sustain an injury:) Haha

You’re right on takeoff the leg is further in front of the COM. That’s why I think additional eccentric work for the hamstrings are important for jumpers. Increased eccentric strength in the hamstrings bring the breaking points closer to the COM.