On The Verge

After taking a well deserved break…due to new baby, unemployment and new job, I am back! I had got to the point of feeling like a slouch and slug and that just AINT me.

I weighed in at 175 lbs this morning…and I am not at all thrilled about that. My normal weight is between 188 and 196…thats if I am training and eating…

So, here is where I am planning to take myself. While maintaining my present speed for indoors and for bobsledding, my goal is to get my weight up to 205 lbs.

This morning was just a generalization to getting a full body, “getting back into it”, I’m gonna be kinda sore tomorrow workout in. All major muscle groups were attacked. No regiment was followed, just random exercises…

Warm up 500 meters on rowing machine.

  1. Glute/ham extentions 3x20, 1x15 (25lbs)
  2. Keiser hamstring curls 3x10 (100psi)
  3. Keiser military press 2x10 (20psi), 1x10 (26psi)
  4. Keiser rows 2x10 (20psi), 1x10 (26psi)
  5. Trunk rotation 2x10 (120lbs) per side
  6. Dips 2x10
  7. Machine ham curls 3x10 (110lbs)

I will pretty much do this for the next week or so, then start on a training schedule.

Today (yesterday) was another general day to get the soreness out.

  1. 500 meter rowing machine warm up
  2. Squats 4x15 (150lbs)
  3. Plyo machine…2x10 two foot jumps, 2x5 alternate jumps, 2x10 two foot jumps again…
  4. 3x15 good mornings (45lbs)
  5. 3x15 GHE

Im a little more sore than expected, so I will make sure to take ZMA tonight…

Wednesday is an off day…and think about Thursday…