On the Grind: My Endless Pursuit of Athletic Aspiration

Monday, 8-23-10

Warmup (1 Lap jog, hip mobility, hurdle mobility, sprint drills)

12 x 100m runs on track, 30-40sec rest

MB Throws: 12lb
5 x OHB, made a PB by throwing just under 18yds
5 x BLF

Bench - 135 x 5, 155 x 5, 205 x 1, 4 x 2 w/ 225

Right adductor/pectineus felt good, but the real test will be tomorrow when I do some accels. Wasn’t expecting to throw a PB in the MB throws today.

Tuesday, 8-24-10

Warmup (1 Lap jog, hip mobility, hurdle mobility, sprint drills, MB Throws)

Speed Work: 180m
2 x 10m
2 x 20m
4 x 30m

No issues with the sprints today. Wasn’t guarding my right adductor today at all. This is Day 8 of the taper.

That PB in the medball throws sounds like you are freshening up! Keep up that careful monitoring, your job is to stay healthy and it sounds like you’re on it. That’s great that Frank is going to get you some therapy before the tryout. That man is a helluva coach.

PS I’m wary of the barefoot tempo until the tryout is over. What if you step on something? Remember the classic Charlie quote, “Total paranoia is total preparedness.”

Ya I’ve already had kind of an unload since I’ve been dealing with the injury, so I just need to keep a good level of maintenance. I’ll be getting the therapy from Frank the 3 days before the tryout, so the timing will be nice.

Thanks for the tips as well Tyrone, I won’t be doing tempo barefoot anymore.

Wednesday, 8-25-10

Warmup (1 Lap jog, hip mobility, hurdle mobility, sprint drills)

3 x 3 x 100m, 16seconds. 30sec/2min

MB Throws: 12lb
Vertical Throws - 3 x 3

Bench - 135 x 5, 155 x 5, 185 x 3, 4 x 2 w/ 225

This is Day 7 of the taper.

Friday, 8-27-10

Warmup (1 Lap jog, hip mobility, hurdle mobility, sprint drills, MB Throws, 2 x 10m accels)

Speed Work:
3 x 30m
1 x 60m

Bench - 135 x 5, 155 x 5, 185 x 3, 4 x 2 w/ 225

Won’t be able to train tomorrow but I will be getting some therapy on Sunday.

Monday, 8-30-10

Warmup (1 Lap jog, hip mobility, hurdle mobility, sprint drills, MB Throws)

Speed Work:
1 x 10m
1 x 20m
4 x 30m

MB Throws: 12lb
OHB - 5x
Vertical Throw - 5x

Bench - 135 x 5, 155 x 5, 185 x 3, 205 x 3, 6 x 1 (245, 250, 250, 255, 255)

Days are counting down. Got a great therapy session yesterday.

Tuesday, 8-31-10

Warmup (1 Lap jog, hip mobility, hurdle mobility, sprint drills, MB Throws)

Speed Work:
2 x 30m

Both 30’s felt fast, I think I’ll do fine as long as I keep accelerating as long as possible. This is the final day of the taper. Tomorrow is the day that I have been waiting for.

Goodluck, it’s just another training session - nothing more - nothing less.

Day 1 Results

30m start (with reaction time) - 4.42
30m fly - 3.12
BLF w/ 16lb Shot - 11.65m
OHB w/ 16lb Shot - 13.00m
SLJ - 2.90m

Real disappointed in the sprints today. The touchpad wasn’t working at the start so we had to start on the “set-go” command which I wasn’t prepared for. We stood out in the heat for 2hrs doing the throws and jumps before doing the 60’s. My times were similar to a guy on the team who ran 7.2x FAT indoors and 11.14 FAT outdoors. But I still didn’t stand out today, there were guys who ran in the 2.95-3.00 range in the 30m fly. I don’t think anybody broke 4.2 in the 30m start today.

Tomorrow we will be testing the 150m, 25m speed hop, and VJ. Things aren’t looking good right now, but I just have to keep a positive attitude for the tryout and look forward to better myself with the next couple of months after I get all of my results.

Day 2 Results

Tested 25m speed hop, they didn’t give times.
5 Bound - 12.75m
VJ (from vertec) - 28.5"

Was supposed to run a 150m, but it started raining. I’m still rattled on what I ran in the 30m start yesterday. I couldn’t even sleep last night. The reaction time probably cost me at least .3 seconds. I have now learned my lesson that handtimes are deceiving. All of those consistent 3.8-3.9’s I ran in training were bullshit. Oddly enough my flying 30m was dead on with what I ran in training. Overall I was in the top 5 in the throws and top 10 in the VJ and SLJ.

I’m going to put this tryout behind me and get back to continuing my GPP. My fitness and strength levels probably suck now.

The lesson is to trust my handtimes! What kind of feedback did the coaches give you? Just keep plugging away, outlast the discouragement and disappointment, and you’ll get to where you want to go.

I remember I ran anywhere between 4.05-4.15 when you were timing me, so I would say I was in that ballpark. Which means my reaction time is pretty slow. I didn’t get any feedback, as it seems they could care less about walkons. My goal now is to beat some guys on the team for the indoor season.

Hey Kyle,

I’m sorry to hear your tryout didn’t go as well as you hoped. How did they time these 30’s, you got in the blocks, they said go, and hand timed it with reaction like that? How much do you normally add for hand times with no reaction for 30m or 60m?

If they were standing at the finish line 30m away when shouting the go command, you gotta take at least .05 to .08 off for the sound to reach your ears. (340.20 metres per second / 100= 3.4 m per hundredth)

Still though, 4.42 included your reaction time which works out to a 4.12, plus you can take nearly a tenth off if they were giving commands from the finish line, so it wasn’t horrendous if that was the case. Maybe not what you wanted, but not a disaster really. Did you work much on flying stuff in the lead-up to the tryout? I felt like they just kind of sprung that on you. Still though, 3.12 is pretty decent, you’re running 1.04 segments, and you can definitely get quicker, you’re super-young!

Is there anyone else you can work with out there? It’s just so hard to run with good technique solo.

PS I will update my summer training blog later tonight and tomorrow hopefully to let everyone know how the time trial went.

PSS You better come up in November! It will be GOOD TIMES!

Thanks Tyrone. Actually the coach was saying “set-go” right next to me and started the watch manually when he said go. The runs were done electronically with timing gates. It was an individual run for everybody which took forever. No blocks were used, I used my 4 point stance. I didn’t really have time to work on the flying stuff because of the minor adductor injury, I was relying on all the accel work that I had done to be my strength.

Frank says he can meet me in Houston maybe once or twice a month, and I could probably make the drive out to Austin about once a month. I think I’ll be fine as far as having a coach to work on technique. And I heard you went back home earlier this week. Right now Frank and I are trying to make arrangements to come to Toronto. I won’t miss that opportunity!

Wednesday, 9-8-10

Warmup (1 Lap jog, hip mobility, hurdle mobility, sprint drills, MB Throws)

Accel Work:
5 x 10m
3 x 20m
4 x 30m, 3.97, 3.84, 4.09, 4.06

MB Throws - 5 x OHB, 5 x Snatch Throw

Back Squat - 135 x 5, 225 x 5, 2 x 8 w/ 275
DB Reverse Lunge - 2 x 8 w/ 40’s
GHR from Lat pulldown - 3 x 5

Easing back into it today. Everything went well until I was resting imbetween sets of DB reverse lunges and one of the dumbells was resting from the bench rolled off and landed on the top of my foot. I could barely finish the workout and it was hard to walk afterward. So far it isn’t swollen or anything, but it hurts to move it. Great way to start back…

I went to the doctor earlier this morning and he says that it is just a bone bruise. The dumbell landed on my navicular and medial cuneiform, which is was on the bigger bones of the foot. He said to consider myself lucky and expect 4-6 weeks to be fully recovered. There’s not a whole lot I can do to speed the recovery except just rest, elevate, and take ibuprofen. He also mentioned that icing isn’t going to do a whole lot of good.

Meanwhile I’m still nursing this issue, I’m going to hammer the upperbody, do bike tempo, and try to do a lot of pchain work. Anything that won’t put a whole lot of stress.

Thursday, 9-9-10

Warmup (5min on bike)

Bench - 135 x 5, 155 x 5, 3 x 8 w/ 185
A1). DB Row - 3 x 8-12, 45-55lb DB
A2). Rear Raise - 3 x 10, 12.5lb DB’s
Rope Pressdown - 3 x 8
Incline DB Curl - 3 x 10

ABS ~ 100

Bike Tempo - 2 x 5 x 45sec on/15sec off. 120+ RPM

Bike tempo was kind of hard since my fitness hasn’t been consistent for a while. Foot felt ok, just going to take it easy until its better.

Hey sorry to hear about your injury, hope it heals quick. I am sick as hell. School started this week, and I basically only went in the first day and have been in bed most of the time since.

Maybe you can get in the pool too. I hope that foot is OK. By the way, that tryout sounded kind of bush league, it’s too bad they wouldn’t tell you how they were going to run it so you could at least practice accordingly. It really doesn’t matter though, I can’t see something like that stopping you.

That’s too bad that you’re sick. Did the drive going back have an impact on getting sick?

Pool tempo sounds like a good idea. I sure hope it doesn’t take a full 4 weeks for this bone bruise to heal. And you’re right, I won’t let a stupid tryout keep me from continuing. I’ve only been training specifically for track the past 7 months. I’m hoping I still have room for improvement, I have a lot of work ahead of me to find out.