Omega 3's or Fish oil?

When suggesting consuming 3 grams of fish oil does this refer to the total amount of oil in the pills or the amount of omega 3’s in the pills? ((ex. 3 pills containing 1 gram of total oil (not neccesarily all omega 3’s) or 10 - 1 gram pills with each pill containing DHA 120 and EPA 180))


i do 3 grams of dha and epa so in your case it would take 10 pills to get there.

is that through fish and supplements?

i hardly ever eat any fish, so if i do that would be in addition to the 3g i get from supplementing.

3g is a good dose I agree. You should notice a reduction in inflamation and possibly a bit of leaning up. But this of course depends upon your current status.

Fish oil is something that I have mixed feeling on when recommending one. Some seem very economical but with the extreme dangers today with mercury poisoning, well it may not be worth it saving $5-10 per month. Personally I spend the extra cash on products that have been varified and we know are clean. Just my .02

clemson has stated that he’s had sears fish oil tested and its come back clean.

i look at fish oil like i do a mulitvitamin, more of a long-term investment in my health. thoughts?

That’s who I use, Sears. I know of at least three individuals who have gotten mercury poisoning from canned tuna alone. Downing fishh oil can be even more risky if the mercury has not been taken care of. So instead of preventing disease you end up slowly killing yourself.

I use the Sear’s Lab oil as well. I agree with ccardill that something that fundamental is worth the long term investment. It’s better to invest in a few basic high quality supplements than spending a fortune a several marginal ones.

between protein, fish oil, coconut milk, pwo shake, zma and my daily food intake, i’m going broke!

Sounds about right.

Well, protein is part of your food and is usually less expensive than many other choices.

ZMA is marginal at best to utilize all the time in my opinion. Keep this to your high volume training times as that is when it will be the most successful for you.

Fish oil is exceptional for your health.

Is there any way you would do things a bit different at all?

Well I’m working on making food choices as cheap as possible without sacrificing too much in quality, maybe I’m not doing a good job. And living in NYC doesn’t leave much room for error in terms of the money dept.

Where do you all source your Sears Oil from? Seems to be the same price across ALL websites.

Check for a product called “Total EFA”. It’s a good combo of flaxseed, borage and primrose oil. One of the best products I’ve seen + you won’t have fish burps.

Will be cheaper than the Barry Sears product but not as effective. Personally I use the Sears product (six g/day) and Herbal Actives Borage oil (312 mg/1 gram capsule). Another extremely concentrated fish oil product is made by OmegaBrite (, roughly 90% EPA/DHA. and are great locations…what I like about Dr. Sears is that he wants positive change even if it’s not with his company.

If you can’t afford the RX product go omegabrite.


I just started using hemp oil to get some omega-6 fat. Are the borage oil capsules any decent? I’m looking for either borage or black currant oil in liquid form if possible, anybody know of any?